6 Ways Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Mental Well Being

6 Ways Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Mental Well Being

Massage can Improve Your Mental Well Being

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Massage can hold a reputation for being a self-indulgent, pampering, OTT activity. However, sometimes massage may be the perfect remedy for your medical problems! Not only a cure for physical ailments, massage has been proven to increase nurturing hormones and chemicals in the body, improving our overall mental well-being. Here are 6 ways that massage therapy can improve your mental well being.

  1. Relieves anxiety

It has been proven that massage in fact lowers the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for that nasty feeling of anxiety – our fight or flight response. Regular massage can help diminish the anxiety associated with traumatic or troubling events, circumstances or settings.

  1. Restores deep sleep

People who suffer from light or interrupted sleep may be surprised to learn that this pattern can severely disrupt the body’s natural chemistry. Side effects of poor sleep include lowered immunity, increased inflammation, and increased sensitivity to pain. Research has shown that massage can promote deeper sleep, especially in those that have chronic sleep conditions. Massage, offered by Four Seasons Massage & Spa, promotes stimulation of the body’s nervous system to rest and relax, giving you a better chance of experiencing a restorative, healing sleep throughout the night.

  1. Reduces symptoms of depression

Partly attributed to its positive effects on circulation, massage boosts the body’s natural serotonin levels, whilst also encouraging the release of dopamine and oxytocin. Research has shown that subjects that have received a massage experiences less depressive symptoms than 73% of the subjects that did not receive massage.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

Massage has been known to reduce blood pressure by significant amounts, but only temporarily. It triggers the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to return to a state of biochemical balance and emotional ease after a stressful event or experience.

  1. Soothes tension headaches

Headaches can be triggered by many varying sources. Often, however, headaches can be caused by tension or stress. To combat this, Thai massage applies pressure along specific pressure points of the body, relieving pain you may not have even known you were carrying. Focusing on the areas of the body we often hold pain and stress, Thai massage concentrates on the shoulders, the upper back, the back of the head and the forehead.

  1. Relieves lower back pain

There is an incredibly strong link between massages and the relief of lower back pain. With chronic pain, the alarm your body is sending is malfunctioning. Massages will not completely switch that alarm off, but it will lower the volume. One explanation of this is the gate-control theory. This is when the body is experiencing pain that travels on small nerve fibers, sending a signal to the brain quickly. With a massage, larger nerve fibers are stimulated and restored, and this message is sent to the brain, disrupting the feeling of pain.

If you don’t look after yourself, who will? Ensure that you are keeping a close eye on your physical and mental health. If you feel as though you may be experiencing any of the symptoms above, schedule a massage and start feeling the benefits today. We’re only given one body and mind in this life, so we have to look after it!