5 Signs Of A Good Plumber

5 Signs Of A Good Plumber

Everybody is well aware that problems with home amenities and plumbed facilities can arise at almost any time and yet despite this knowledge, most people aren’t prepared for these tricky situations. At any time, somebody could walk into their bathroom to find the shower only runs cold water, or they might walk into their kitchen to find flooding. In many cases, a person without the required qualifications and experience might be unable to diagnose the problem, and that’s why everybody needs to know a trustworthy plumber.


There’s so much competition between the best plumbers in Perth that deciding which one is the most dependable can prove challenging. For this reason, it’s wise to find a good plumber before a plumbing disaster occurs.

What to Look Out for

In reality, the chances of hiring a dishonest plumber are small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Even still, it’s a good idea to search for one of the best plumbers in Perth to ensure the job gets done properly for a reasonable price. Here are five things to look out for when searching for companies.

  • Work guarantees – Professional tradesmen should feel confident enough in their abilities to guarantee their workmanship. It also means their customers can feel safe in the knowledge that their finances are protected in the unlikely event a mistake is made. It might be worth checking whether they offer a warranty on parts, too.
  • Availability – It’s impossible to predict when a disaster might strike, and that’s what makes finding a 24-hour plumber so important. It’s also worth checking that the plumber can arrive at a property quickly as they may offer different time frames depending on the area they need to drive to.
  • Experience – Despite the fact that all budding plumbers have to start their careers somewhere, choosing an experienced tradesman helps assure people that they know how to do their job professionally and efficiently.
  • Variety of skills – There may be some plumbers who specialise in certain types of plumbing tasks, but given the fact nobody knows what type of problem might occur, the safest bet is to simply find a company that has proven all-round skills.
  • Customer service – It’s worth remembering that plumbers might be inside a property with the homeowner for quite some time, and that means friendliness and manners will go far. If a plumber fails to offer good customer service, people are less likely to place trust in the quality of their work. It’s also nice to be made to feel at ease in spite of severe problems.

It goes without saying that maintenance should be taken seriously to avoid problems from arising in the first place. Plumbing maintenance can often be overlooked, especially when people are trying to save some cash. However, it’s always cheaper to have problems resolved while they’re still small as they almost guarantee to get worse and consequently more expensive to fix if left alone.