Urban Housewife

Just kidding, nobody thinks housework rules! But sometimes, it’s gotta get done.

The Urban Housewife – she’s like a regular housewife, only with a heck of a lot less space to work with.

She’s also me! I’m Birdy Slim, and not too long ago Husband and I moved to our tiny love nest in Brooklyn. If you’ve ever lived in a city, you know the struggles that come with cramming an entire life (and a shared one at that) into a Polly Pocket-sized apartment. And the challenges don’t stop there. The walk from my place to the store is too long. I’m too short to hang the curtains I trudged all the way across town for. My imagination is way to big for my small third floor walkup. And my budget makes a shoestring look like one of those plush velvet ropes outside the club I’m too tired to go out to on Saturday night.

But the Urban Housewife is always up for a challenge! That’s why I started theUrbanHousewife.com – advice, tips and tricks for the big city girl with a small domestic space.

Posts, projects and tips are organized by rooms of my apartment:

The Living Room – Where we’ll talk DIY crafts, home renovations and making the most of small spaces.

The Kitchen – Girl’s gotta eat! (So does Husband, as it turns out.) So here we’ll share recipes, quick tips and the occasional gadget you shouldn’t be cooking without.

The Bedroom – Where we’ll talk love, sex, and everything in between.

The Garage – If you couldn’t cram it into some corner of the rooms listed above, you’ll find it here. In other words, miscellaneous!

The Backyard – Sometimes we’ve all just got to get away. Here we’ll talk vacation tips, trips of a lifetime and what to do with all that junk (I mean memories!) you lug back with you.

The Guest Room – Just kidding, I obviously don’t have an extra bedroom in this tin can. But the site does!

So thanks for stopping by! Come on in, kick off your shoes (no seriously, I just vacuumed) and enjoy our advice, tips and tricks for the big city girl with a small domestic space.