How To Keep Track Of Your Pregnancy Days

How To Keep Track Of Your Pregnancy Days

Back in the good old days, our mothers had to go to the doctor, do a pregnancy test at the doctor’s office and patiently wait until they received the joyous news. Today, we can do pregnancy tests at home and some home pregnancy tests even show us how many weeks along we are. Don’t you just love the modern world we live in?

In times gone by, there was a bit more guesswork involved when it came to how far along in the pregnancy a mother-to-be was. Today, we have ultrasounds that can help to give a very accurate due date for delivery. There are websites and mobile phone apps that use a due date calculator to countdown to the expected date of arrival.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different ways that you can keep track of the little bundle of joy growing inside you.

Use A Chalkboard

This is a fun way to keep track of your pregnancy! Simply write down the number of weeks along you are on a chalkboard and ask your partner to take a snapshot with you standing beside it each week with your growing belly on display. You can decorate the board using different colour chalk and describe the size of your baby.

Use A Journal

Some mothers feel that this is a private time when herself and her baby can bond and they feel uncomfortable sharing it with the world. If you are this way inclined, get yourself a pregnancy journal and write about your experience. You could write it as though you are writing it to your little one. When they are old enough, they can read about your experiences carrying them first hand. A wonderful gift for your child.

Use An App

One of the benefits of using a smartphone app is that it reminds you to take a photo every day, week or month depending on how you set it up. Some women may need a reminder due to pregnancy brain! Some other great features of these apps are that allow you to keep a diary where you can track your feelings, food intake and weight as well. Some apps even advise which foods are good and which should be avoided. These apps can also be used after birth to help you to recover and get back in shape slowly.

Dads-to-be can also download these apps to see how big their baby is and this helps to open up communication for mom-and-dad-to-be and encourage them to talk about this big life-changing event.

Use Selfies

A very cute way to keep track of your pregnancy is by taking selfies on a weekly basis. Try to wear the same outfit and hairstyle for the photos, as this will accentuate how your baby bump is growing.

Use Fruit Or Vegetables

Many websites use fruit or vegetables to describe how big the baby is. For example, when your baby is 6 weeks, it is as big as a pea, at week 12 it is as big as a lime and at 24 weeks it will be as big as the size of an ear of corn. You can hold the fruit or vegetable in your hand depending on how far along you are as you pose for your weekly photos to show how big your baby is at that time.

There is an app for men, mPregnancy, that show them how big their little peanut is by comparing him/her to bottle tops or a football. It uses things men can relate to and it is a great way to include the dads-to-be in the pregnancy.

It’s The Final Countdown

There are so many ways to keep track of this magical time in your life. Even though you might think you will remember the first kick and the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat, it’s best to journal or record them. You’ll be able to relive them later and remember them more vividly because it all goes by so fast.