Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Post Pregnancy With Collagen Induction Therapy

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Post Pregnancy With Collagen Induction Therapy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. The joys a new baby can bring is one that cannot be described, and knowing just what your body can achieve is astounding.

However, post-pregnancy you might find that you have a few extra stretch marks that weren’t there before. Whilst we advocate loving your body as it is, sometimes you might want to try and reduce their appearance. With collagen induction therapy, this can be achieved, and we’ll give you the low-down on how it can help.

What is it?

Also known as ‘skin needling’, collagen induction therapy assists the production of collagen to help restructure the top layer of your skin, reducing and flattening the appearance of stretch marks. Very fine needles are applied to the skin to create small ‘punctures’. When the skin goes to heals these punctures, it creates new cells and new collagen, which helps to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

How does it help?

Whilst stretch marks can never be removed entirely, the appearance can be dramatically reduced. As the skin produces new collagen and new cells, the cells replace the scarred cells, which helps with the overall appearance of the stretch marks.

Whilst it may take a few treatments to see dramatic results, you should begin to see improvement almost immediately, and will see continued improvement as the skin continues to heal.

What is the treatment like?

A numbing cream will be first applied to the area that is to receive the treatment. Once the numbing cream has properly taken effect, then the micro needles will be gently pressed to the area.

Whilst it’s not the most comfortable of treatments, the numbing cream should help to reduce the discomfort. Depending on what is hoped to be achieved, an average session can last anywhere between 10 – 60 minutes.