Important Etiquette to Remember When Dining in a Restaurant

Important Etiquette to Remember When Dining in a Restaurant

When dining in a restaurant, you are eating with other people. You can’t act at the table the same way that you do at home. You need to be considerate of others who want to dine and have a good time. These are important etiquette to remember when eating in a restaurant.

Wear proper attire

Depending on where you are dining, you need to wear appropriate attire. If you are heading to a fancy restaurant, you can’t wear jeans and tennis shoes. You need something that looks nice. Some restaurants advise their customers what to wear if they are particular about the attire.

Wait to get a seat

Whether you made a reservation or not, you need to give time for the waiting staff to find the right place for you. They will prepare and clean the table and make sure that you have a wonderful dining experience. The least you can do is wait until it is your turn to sit. When you don’t have a reservation, you need to be patient until a spot opens up.

Wait for everyone to receive their food before eating

It is polite for you to wait until everyone gets their order before you start eating. However, if you are sending something back because it is not good enough or you had the wrong order, you can tell everyone to go ahead and eat. Some cultures though have the opposite belief. They think that when you receive the food, you need to eat it right away.

Don’t shout at the waiter

The waiters are very busy serving several tables. You need to be patient enough to wait until someone who is free can accept your order or address your concerns. Avoid shouting at them when they don’t see you. Raise your hands as a signal until someone sees you. It is also common to make eye contact with them and let them come over to your table. You can ask questions, request an additional order, or return your dish if you received the wrong one. However, you need to be polite.

Don’t wait too long before leaving

After finishing your meal, you need to move within 15 minutes. Some restaurants that accommodate a lot of people are stricter in their policy. For instance, they will tell you to finish your meal within an hour after receipt of your order. Other guests are waiting to dine too. If you would love to have some drinks and chat with your friends, you can find a local bar to continue your conversation.

Decide how to split the bill

You don’t want to embarrass yourselves while splitting the bill. You need to decide how you are going to do it to avoid making a scene. If everyone ordered almost the same amount of food, you could split the bill evenly.

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