4 Ways to Wind Down Without Reaching For The Wine

4 Ways to Wind Down Without Reaching For The Wine

After a long and stressful day in the office after having put the kids to bed, it can be easy to open the fridge and reach straight for the Pinot. One glass is fine but on Friday nights it might be two or three. Before you know it, you’ve managed to put away three bottles of wine in one week. If you’re trying to control your diet, this can be bad news. One bottle of wine is equal to 650 calories so, if you’re getting through three bottles a week, you’re going to be consuming an extra 2000 calories per week. That’s an extra day of food, which won’t be shifted easily by an hour on the treadmill. If you’re looking for new ways to unwind, we’ve got a few suggestions. Spoiler alert: No grapes were harmed in the process!

1. Play some online games

If you find that the only way to cut the wine is to send your hands and mind elsewhere, then a few online games might be the answer. Slot machines are a great way to pull focus from your everyday life and have a bit of fun. They’re also notable for offering a range of unique payment methods, like e-check, the modern equivalent of the old paper promise. For more info, check out the Bonus.ca website, where you can find out which casinos accept e-checks, as well as the type of bonuses on offer. By keeping your hands busy, you won’t have room for a glass of wine, and you’ll have a lot more fun than waking up with a bad head!

2. Go For A Run

Getting out of breath might not be your ideal activity to wind down in the evening, however, regular exercise is proven to release stress and make you feel better. You might also find that you get a better night’s sleep after taking a light jog, meaning that you’ll bounce out of bed in the morning ready to take the day. If that wasn’t enough encouragement, think of the calories you’ll be burning if you go for a run, as opposed to the calories you were gaining guzzling a glass of wine every night. You’ll deserve that extra slice of cheesecake.

3. Read a Novel

We’re all so attached to our screens that nobody reads a good book anymore. If you’ve got young children and you often read them a bedtime story, tucking into your own novel will be a well-deserved treat from Biff and Chip’s adventures. You can indulge in words with over three syllables and take your mind away from the huge pile of washing loitering in the washing room. Reading books increases our vocabulary and is an effective method to ensure that you get a good amount of shut-eye. You’ll also set a great example for the kids and, before you know it, you’ll be dealing with a couple of bookworms, and not Fortnight mania.

When it comes to relaxing, only you know how to manage your own evening time. If you’re still enjoying a glass of wine with your evening gaming or latest novel, then allow yourself to do that. When you have kids, it is especially important to allow yourself the pockets of time to do things which you enjoy. So, close the door, pop the cork and enjoy a glass of Pinot – who cares about the calories!