5 Reasons to Organize a Road Trip to a Wine Country

5 Reasons to Organize a Road Trip to a Wine Country

One of the most fun and memorable road trips you can take is a trip to a beautiful wine country. Not only are wine countries usually quite scenic and stunning, but it’s also a great opportunity to try some delicious wines in their prime conditions and learn about wine. When it comes to wine, there is a lot to know and learn, and that knowledge of wine comes in handy in life a lot more often than you’d think. You could even be eco-conscious and get some silicone based wine glasses by Silipint!

Visiting a wine country is also a fun activity for a birthday, bachelor party, bachelorette, reunion or other special event that involves getting a group of people together. It’s easy to plan a road trip if there’s a wine country a few hours of a drive away from you.

Several states have wine countries, the most commonly known one being California. If you live in Washington, I’d highly recommend a road trip to British Columbia, where cities in the Okanagan such as Kelowna have fabulous wines, fantastic weather and epic scenery. You can either book an organized wine tour with a guide, or you can rent a bus and organize a trip to a winery independently with your friends. Renting a party bus is a lot of fun, and the benefit of visiting wineries independent of a guide is that you can feel less rushed and pressured by the guide’s time schedule and less crowded by other tourists. In case you need some more encouragement, here are 5 reasons you should organize a wine country getaway:

1. You’ll figure out what types of wines you like best

There’s nothing worse than struggling when it comes to choosing a bottle of wine at the liquor store, paying for it and opening it – only to find out that it tastes disgusting and that you’re not a fan of it. Knowing what kind of wine you enjoy will save you so much hassle, which is why it’s super helpful to taste different wines at wineries where the staff are knowledgeable and can teach you about what you like. It’s important to know whether you like dry or sweet wines, light or heavy wines, and what berries and grapes your taste buds seem to gravitate towards. This is the type of knowledge you’ll gain at a winery, and you’ll get to ask the experts for advice and suggestions, which is a special treat.

2. You’ll get to taste wine in its prime conditions

When you taste a particular wine at its home winery, it’ll always taste better than it tastes anywhere else. At the winery, you’re tasting wine that has never travelled, is in its prime, has been kept in pristine conditions and in an ambience that feels special. You’ll never taste wine as good as the wines you taste in a winery, because the winery tastings are offering up the wine at its best and in its prime. The staff make sure to sever you samples of wine in its prime state because they want the taste to be absolute perfection so that you’ll buy a bottle or two. That’s why wine tasting at a winery is a special experience to be looked forward to and treasured.

3. The Scenery will be Stunning

Wine countries almost always have the most beautiful scenery. You’ll be surrounded by nature and you’ll see lush green valleys, endless rows of vines, mountains, bodies of water and backdrops that are perfect for photos. Think of your visit to a wine country as an excuse to see some amazing nature porn as well as tasting some amazing wines. It’ll be a close call deciding whether you enjoyed the scenery or the wine more!

4. It’s an Excuse to Get Dressed Up

A lot of people get dressed up when they visit wineries, which adds to the charm of the entire experience. The reason people get dressed up is because wineries are always very beautiful, pristine locations with picture-perfect backdrops, epic views and a sense of luxury. Wineries are classy and elegant establishments, so it’s fun to dress up and take a lot of photos that show off your lavish lifestyle.

5. Wine Countries Have Lots of Other Fun Activities to Offer Besides Wine Tastings

Many wineries offer a variety of fun experiences for visitors besides wine tasting. Many wineries offer experiences such as grape stomping, farm visits, gourmet lunches with wine pairings, games of croquet on the grounds, photo booths, storytelling and more.