A Rushed Removal – How to Move Home With a Strict Deadline

A Rushed Removal – How to Move Home With a Strict Deadline

Moving home is comfortably one the least favoured things in life to do, but it is even worse when it has to be done last minute. Whether you have had a move suddenly sprung on you or perhaps you have been doing anything to avoid it. No matter what the reason is, it is very difficult to work out where to start when you are moving with a strict deadline. If you are trying to work out how to make it happen, then use these simple tips to make sure you meet your deadline.

Seek professional help

Moving house yourself for some can be offer a real sense of accomplishment. However, if you are ok with missing that feeling for the feeling of meeting your deadline, then use movers in Sydney. Professional removalists are the best way to ensure you are on time. They can be booked into a specific day and time slot, not to mention you can ask for phone updates on the days leading up to your move to confirm the finer details. Removalists will help ensure that you are packed efficiently, arrive promptly and can even make sure your belongings end up in the right rooms on the other end.

Be prepared

If you are packing up your belongings yourself, then being prepared is the key to making your deadline. In the days or week’s leading up to your move, go out and purchase boxes, tapes and permanent markers so you can start packing down your house. Waiting until the day before is a sure-fire way to miss that deadline. Additionally, be ready to start packing down as early as possible. That doesn’t mean doing everything in one go, but consider allocating some time each night to pack down a room. Anything you can do in advance will save you time, like address change paperwork Before you know it the house is prepared for the removal and meeting that deadline becomes a whole lot easier.

Open up early

If you have to meet a particular time when moving house, one of the best ways to ensure you are ready is to pick up the keys to your new home as early as possible. Speak to the real estate agent and arrange to get the keys a day or two before the big move. By doing this, you can inspect the new property again, clear and clean any rooms which need it. This will make sure when you are moving across you can put your household items where they belong straight away. It will also mean you waste a lot less time in between trips from the old house to the new.

Draw up a schedule

If you are required to clean up your old property, then drawing up a schedule of services will help make sure you make use of your time efficiently. For example if you know the removalists are coming at a certain time and will be done within a timeframe, you can arrange the cleaners to arrive after that. Try your best to stage the services close enough that you can fit it in one day but not so close that they will need to work around each other. Additionally, if you have a two storey home, get the removalists to clear out the second level first. That way if the cleaners do arrive early they can start their work uninterrupted upstairs.

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Moving home is rarely described as fun and that is before you add the time pressure of a strict deadline. If you aren’t sure how you are going to meet that deadline, then consider some of the useful tips above to make sure you are prepared for success.