What You Need to Add to Your Moving Supplies Checklist

What You Need to Add to Your Moving Supplies Checklist

Are you getting ready to move? Are you wondering if it’s time to invest in moving supplies?

Moving is more than just a nice time to move into a tidy new house or apartment and start filling it with the things you love. It provides you with an opportunity for a fresh start, new friends, and an improved lifestyle.

Yet how do you even begin the moving process? Where do you find packing supplies, moving companies, and an extra hand?

Here’s what you’ll need before you start hauling your favorite things to your handsome new home.

1. Boxes

Many folks enlist the help of a professional moving company, such as tri star moving, for their move itself. These professionals have the equipment and know-how for transporting heavy furniture safely and efficiently.

When it comes to packing up your valuables, however, the task will largely fall to you. It’s important to have a variety of boxes available for the job. You can pick them up at a local home improvement store.

You may, for example, require heavy-duty boxes that are suitable for transporting fragile items such as dishes or glasses. You may also require smaller cardboard boxes, which are easier to load and carry. These are often used for books, appliances, and pantry items.

Medium cardboard boxes are between 14 and 18 inches long. They are often used for pots, pans, and picture frames.

You may also require some large cardboard boxes, which are between 18 and 24 inches long. These are bulkier but are great for carrying lighter-weight items such as comforters and pillows.

Some people also have clothing they want to remain in wearable order when they take it out after a move. These could include dresses, suits, and dress shirts. For these, you may want to get yourself some wardrobe boxes that come equipped with sturdy metal hanging bars.

Some people also prefer to get flat panel TV boxes that are designed especially for transporting plasma screens without damage. You may also require special bins for seasonal clothing.

2. And More Boxes

If you’re really looking to get specific with your packing, there are a number of specialty boxes you can invest in.

For example, if you’re moving a home office, you may benefit from a banker’s box. These are stackable and come with a handle and lift-off lids. They’re a great place to store papers, pens, and binders.

If you’re lighting is important to you, you can purchase lamp boxes in different shapes and sizes. They help make sure lamp bases don’t suffer any damage in the moving process.

In addition, you may choose to use wooden crates to transport sculptures or antiques. These are heavy-duty and come with a panel that makes them easy to load and unload.

If you’re planning on transporting the contents of your fridge or freezer, you may also want to invest in some foam containers. These can keep all of your ingredients fresh while you’re moving.

3. Tape

While tapeless moving boxes are now available, they still aren’t the norm. You’ll want some sturdy packing tape to help you with the move.

Many types of tape are made specifically for moving. You can find them in your local drugstore or hardware store.

It’s important to choose a tape with a strong adhesive that will hold cardboard together. You’ll also want something that can withstand strong temperatures. This is especially true if you’re planning on moving on a particularly hot or cold day.

If you aren’t sure which type of tape to use for moving, ask a professional at your local home improvement store.

4. Labels and Strong Markers

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home and not knowing where to find the things you need. It’s important to clearly mark all of the boxes you so carefully packed.

Make sure your labels are strong or attached with sturdy packing tape. In addition, your markers should be resilient and waterproof.

5. Trash Bags

Anyone who has moved knows that packing up can involve a lot of throwing out. Whether you’re finding items you don’t use anymore or just downsizing for a smaller place, your move will be a lot smoother if you throw out unnecessary items.

Invest in some heavy-duty landscaping-style trash bags for your packing-up process. You’ll be glad you did!

6. Scissors

Whether you’re cutting packing tape or cutting up cloth or wire, you’ll need a sturdy pair of scissors when you’re moving. If the ones you’ve got aren’t particularly trustworthy, invest in a strong pair at your local box store.

7. Old Newspaper or Towels

You may have grown up in a house where your parents used old newspapers to buffer dishes or glasses when you were moving. This helps your valuables to avoid chipping or breaking while they’re jostling around in a moving truck.

Some people like to save space and money by using their towels in lieu of newspaper or packing paper. You can also use things like washcloths or dishtowels, which have to make the trip anyway.

8. Face Mask and Gloves

While a face mask and gloves can protect you from germs, they’re also quite helpful when moving. They can keep your hands safe while moving boxes, and protect you from dust when you’re cleaning up.

Investing in Moving Supplies

Purhasing moving supplies is about more than fitting things in the proper containers. With the right tools, you can be on your way toward a great new start in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your health and lifestyle now. For more great advice, read our blog today.