Home improvements that will raise its resale value

Home improvements that will raise its resale value

Selling your home and want more? The following home improvements that will raise its resale value will certainly help

Photo by CC user Debra Drummond on Flickr

Looking to sell your home soon, but are disappointed at the appraisal you just received from your friendly neighbourhood realtor? There are a number of improvements that will increase the asking price that you can charge for your property, and this post will share several of those with you.

1) Outdoor waterfall

If you have a propensity to think big, then you will be happy to know that there are a number of improvements that you can add that will add a ton of value to your home.

An outdoor waterfall is a show-stopping feature that you’ll be proud to have in your backyard. There is nothing that can make a homeowner feel like a millionaire quite like their own personal water feature.

As such, your realtor will seize upon this as a focal point of the sales ads they craft for your home, making it much easier to move your home at a premium price.

If you want to get this done, there are many experienced companies like Stonemakers that can step in and build it within a matter of weeks.

There is considerable demand though, so be sure to inquire about it during the winter. This way, crews will be able to put your waterfall in during the spring so that you can use to entertain family and friends by the time summer arrives.

2) Remodeled kitchen/bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are rooms that can make a huge impact in the minds of potential buyers if they are put together in a fashion that makes them havens from everyday life.

Take a look at both these spaces and remove anything that does not jive with this sentiment, and then replace them with surfaces, furnishings and other design elements that do.

Goodbye laminate, hello stone counter top. Bid farewell to your rust-stained tub and replace it with a premium unit with whirlpool jets.

Even minor improvements like replacing fluorescent lighting with LED lights that are attached to a dimmer switch can make a huge difference in how these spaces are perceived.

3) Premium front lawn

Is your front lawn plagued by anemic growth? Fixing this should be top priority, as it is this exterior space that literally forms the first impression of your house in the minds of buyers.

You don’t have to tear it up and start from scratch, as you can simply add soil on top of your current lawn and re-seed it.

Known as topdressing, this will allow you to grow a darker, more vibrant type of grass, it will improve microbial activity in the current soil beneath the top layer, and it will help smooth out uneven depressions that currently exist in your lawn.

4) Open floor plan

In homes built in the 1980’s, it was common for the kitchen to be walled off from the living room, as the two spaces were viewed as being incongruent with each other.

Open floor plans have become popular since then, and the notion that kitchens and living spaces don’t mix has gone the way of the dodo. Today, they give the owner the perception of increased space, and they allow those preparing food in the kitchen to watch television as they work.

By knocking out any non-load bearing walls that stand between your kitchen and the living room, you’ll be deepening the pool of buyers that might be interested in your home.