The mental health benefits of playing bingo

The mental health benefits of playing bingo

Bingo is a hugely popular game both online and offline, in many parts of the world. For most players, it’s about more than just winning money – it’s a form of entertainment that brings enjoyment to people of all ages. For older people in particular, a trip to the bingo hall is a fun day out, while others get just as much value playing at home. All bingo players enjoy playing and trying to land the jackpot, it’s a social game as much as anything else. However, recent studies suggest that playing bingo can have some important mental health benefits as well.


Of course, bingo won’t help you get fit, lose weight, or reduce your blood pressure, because it’s not a physical activity. Even so, research suggests it can help to improve both your memory and your mental agility

Memory Boost

Playing bingo is a great way to keep yourself entertained, meet new people, and find new friends. But the game also stimulates the mind, because of the way it demands your complete attention as the game unfolds. This has the effect of keeping you alert at all times, concentrating so as not to miss anything. What this means is that your memory gets a boost as well.

Numerous studies show that those who play bingo regularly actually have a better memory, not too mention better reactions, no matter if they follow a good strategy and win prizes or not. They’re also generally more active people, and feel as if they have more energy. The game of bingo is also able to keep the mind in a competitive state where the speed is going to boost their emotional aspect of the mental stimulation. Another benefit is enhanced hand to eye coordination. Finally, playing bingo has been shown to boost your memory too, because players will remember which balls have been called out even if it’s not market on their cards.

Looking younger

Research also shows that regular bingo players have better mental agility. They’re able to think faster and make decisions sooner, their memory serves them better and they can take note of things that happen around them faster than other people.

As such, bingo is a very mentally healthy activity and definitely worth playing if you want to delay the onset of memory loss. The mental health benefits of playing bingo are real, and will help you to stay younger for longer. So be sure to try the source of online bingo and find a good website where you can play more often, and keep your mind alert and fresh!