Extending the Life of Your Car with Proper Maintenance

Extending the Life of Your Car with Proper Maintenance

After making an investment in a car, most owners have high hopes there car will last them for years to come. While there are unavoidable situations where a particular car is a lemon, in most cases, as long as the car is well cared for, it will last for many, many years.


Taking the time to give your car the care it needs can help you extend the life of your car immensely. However, extending the life of your car begins with knowing how to care for it. Besides the obvious of washing the car, filling it up with gas, and changing the oil, there are quite a few things your car needs in order to run efficiently.

Use these maintenance tips to extend the life of your car:

Replace the Windshield and Windows

Sometimes car windows and windshields need replacements. Many people assume they only need to replace their windshield and windows if they splinter, crack, or the internal window mechanism stops working. While these are valid reasons to have your windows and windshield replaced, there are times when they need replacing before they crack or break.

If your windows begin to stain or discolor, or your windshield starts getting tiny cracks around the edges, it is a wise idea to have them replaced in order to avoid having a dangerous situation arise. If your car is facing any of these issues, including a crack or large chip, look to get a new windshield in Phoenix, Arizona and repair the damages.

Rotate Car Tires

Whenever you take your car in to a mechanic, as to have your car tires rotated. Tires do not always wear the same way, thus rotating them can help disperse the weight and pressure properly, not only helping your car to run smoothly, but also adding more life to your tires. There are times when car tires need to be replaced, but by rotating them, you are helping to extend their life, saving you time and money.

Winter Temperatures and A/C

The cold temperatures in winter can wreak havoc on your car. In snowy conditions, many people have trouble with their engines starting properly, their heaters, and the air conditioners. While most people do not even think about running the A/C in winter, it can actually help your car stay running strong. After a particularly cold winter, when summer rolls around, many find their air conditioning is not working properly, which is often due to it not being run during winter. On days when it is slightly warmer, take a few minutes to allow the A/C to run, as it can keep your car from seizing during summer.

Clean the Engine

Washing the outside of your car is good for keeping the exterior nice and the paint in perfect condition. However, the inside of the car, namely the engine, needs to be cleaned as well. Every few years or so, wash the engine of your car and take time to remove any of the junk that has built up on the engine. This can keep your car from overheating and your car in good working order.

Storing Your Car

If you plan on storing your car for a while, there are a few things you should do to ensure it stays in good working order. Even if you are planning on going on a trip and your car will not be used, you should still fill your car up with gas. It can actually help your car stay in good working order while it sits unused. Also, if possible, remove your battery from the car, as it will help protect the car from any battery fluid.

Filter Changes

The HVAC system in your car needs to be changed regularly. If these filters are clogged and not running optimally, the engine will be working harder to keep up, which can lead to engine issues. Your cars manual can offer you more information on how and when to get your filers changed.

Sun Damage

The sun can damage your car by fading the paint, leaving it susceptible to rust, and in some cases, making the windshield vulnerable to cracking. If your car sits outside for extended periods of time, consider covering it each night or parking it under a car park.

These tips can help your car stay running smoothly for a long time.