How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Many people make the assumption that in order for your home to look amazing, you have to spend thousands of dollars. Truthfully, there are many ways you can creatively produce the results of a stunning home at a steal. Start with a minimalist base. Minimalism is trending right now so use that to your advantage and build upon it with these details.

1. Flowers and Succulents

You can easily go to the dollar store and pick up a clear vase for a dollar. If you want to make your space a little fancier, visit the thrift store and pick up one of the beautifully ornate vases you find. Once it’s spruced up and polished, a thrift store vase can easily look like it came from a store like Anthropologie. When it’s time to go grocery shopping each week, use this as a chance to pick up a small bouquet of flowers. You can easily purchase a lovely bunch of flowers from anywhere between $5 to $10. Chances are you probably spend more each week on coffee. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider purchasing succulents as they are low-maintenance plants. They’ll also look lovely in a glass vase in your home.

2. Scented Candles

Scented candles easily add a sense of sophistication to your home. A great trick involves checking out the local discount stores. Many home decor and clothing stores sell inexpensive candles. As you purchase the candles, spray each glass jar with Windex and scrub the labels off. Your candles will look more chic and uniformed when you take the labels off. Add them to different areas of the home and light them at your leisure. It’ll make your home look and smell amazing.

3. Paint

You can easily go to a local hardware store and purchase a small sample can of paint and use it on one of the smaller walls in your home. Paint one wall in the home and make it a statement wall. You can even add a stencil effect by painting vertical or horizontal stripes around the room. Purchase a stencil and fill in the stencil around different walls of the home. These are perfect ways to create a custom look at a fraction of the cost. However, when you’re painting, it’s always important to make sure you have surface protection. You don’t want the paint to get on the floors or furniture.

4. Window Treatments

Window treatments lend a touch of thoughtfulness to a room. Visit some of the major discount stores like Target and Walmart. Check out the curtains that are for sale. A simple curtain rod tends to be pretty inexpensive. The way to really make your mark on the window treatment involves the use of pullbacks. Add pullbacks along to the sides of each window. When you draw back the curtains to allow the sunlight in, the curtains will look so nice when they’re held back by an ornate pullback. Consider purchasing a basic wooden pullback and coat it in spray paint. Make the pullback a statement piece by painting it a really bright and funky color. Just make sure it matches the ambiance and color scheme of the room.

5. Second-Hand Furniture

You’d be surprised how far second-hand furniture can really go. If you choose to purchase a second-hand couch or rug, make sure to get the fabric steam-cleaned well. You don’t want to deal with germs. Consider purchasing a white slipcover for your couch. There are tons of slipcovers online that are very easy to clean and they don’t actually look like slipcovers. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of white furniture without the expensive price tag. If you choose to purchase wooden dressers and mirrors, make sure to keep an eye out for signs of bedbugs. If the furniture looks okay, consider sanding it down with an electric sander. Add a new coat of paint of a wooden furniture gloss to it. It’ll look good as new.