Lesser-Known Remedies for the Mid-Week Malaise

Lesser-Known Remedies for the Mid-Week Malaise

For the full-time workforce, the midweek can seem like a hopeless expanse of never ending work ahead, leading up to a weekend that is unattainable. This often-felt “mid-week malaise” is a very normal feeling to have, and many people have it every week. People will often try to Band-Aid this mid-week slump with more coffee or fast food or even a sick day (in particularly pervasive examples), however these are just that- Band-Aids. Temporary fixes to a recurring problem. There are other ways to handle a slump of these proportions, and none of them involve things that are as bad for you as the aforementioned “solutions”, in fact very few of them are bad for you at all. They range from things as complex as changing important and connected aspects of your life to things as simple as finding Floradix online from Fourbody. We have brought together a few lesser-known remedies for the mid-week malaise in an attempt to stymie the progression of your Wednesday-worries.


Breakfast Overhaul

The beginning of a Wednesday full of yawns and productivity decrease can usually be traced back, at least in part, to the first meal of that same day. A breakfast of sugary cereal, toast, junk food, or even nothing at all is a surefire way to lead yourself into a slow, slumped weekday that seems to stretch on forever as your eyelids droop into your third cup of coffee. The perceived time and pace of the day is often linked to your energy levels, so eating a slow-burning breakfast like oats or eggs can leave you feeling fuller for longer, as well as effectively fuelling your body for longer as well.

Early-Morning Exercise

It sounds like the worst idea if you’re trying to be more awake and more alert during the day: wake up earlier and move around a whole lot before work, however a morning workout is absolutely the way to start the day. Your muscles fill with blood and they work hard during your workout, the result of which is a rush of endorphins to your brain that wake you up and make you feel great for the rest of the day. Rising earlier to do this not only allows you to get a longer workout done, but it also makes you more tired earlier in the evening, which means you can get to sleep earlier and sleep longer.


This might seem like a drastic, unnecessary step when simply talking about the mid-week meltdown, but to prove this point there is a question you must ask yourself while sitting at your desk, boring a hole in the clock with your eyes and counting the seconds till the weekend: Would I be doing this at my dream job?” The answer for most of you in this situation is no. You wouldn’t be counting down the hours till you can spend two days away from an office space you don’t want to come back to, just to spend another week counting down the hours again. It might seem like a radical solution, but a staggering number of people work in jobs they don’t like or want to work in, and many never make the leap to a preferred field or a different position. Your mid-week wouldn’t be a slog if you loved your job, and looked forward to work like you look forward to the weekend.

If early morning exercise isn’t your cup of tea, and a revised breakfast menu seems out of the question, and your job is too meaningful to you to ever give up, you may simply be lacking in vital nutrients, for any number of reasons. A simple supplement course can remedy this problem, to have you back on your feet in no time.