Insurance for Unemployed: 3 Things You Should Know

Insurance for Unemployed: 3 Things You Should Know


Approximately 31.1 million people in the United States do not have health insurance.

Are you part of this group? Is it because you’re unemployed?

If you think you can’t get insurance because you don’t have a job, think again. Listed below are 3 key things you should know about insurance for unemployed people.

1. Health Insurance Policies Are Available

You don’t have to go uncovered just because you’re out of work. Those who are unemployed can get health insurance through the government marketplace.

Under the Affordable Care Act, you may qualify for discounted or even free plans.

The amount you pay for coverage varies depending on your income. If you have a very low income or no income at all, you may receive tax credits that reduce your premium or even provide you with free insurance.

Many people cover our entire family with plans purchased through the healthcare marketplace. However, you can also get coverage for your children through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or Medicaid.

2. You May Qualify for Unemployment Insurance

Don’t forget about unemployment insurance, either.

Unemployment insurance or unemployment benefits is a type of government-provided insurance. It allows you to get paid every week after you’ve lost your job.

Keep in mind, though, that you just meet specific criteria before you can qualify for unemployment insurance.

For example, you must earn a certain amount (this varies from state to state) during a 12-month period (also known as a base period). You must also be unemployed through no fault of your own (i.e., you did not get fired), and you must be actively looking for work.

3. Injured on the Job? Look into Disability Insurance

If you’ve been injured or are too sick to work, you may qualify for disability insurance. There are now more schemes out there than ever before that allow insurance for those who are disabled. For example, the NDIS scheme is now applied by many care services (such as, which means caring for a loved one isn’t as financially daunting. This allows you to still receive part of your income to help cover bills while you’re unemployed.

To qualify for disability benefits, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Unable to work because of a medical condition that will last at least one year or result in death
  • Not have a partial or short-term disability
  • Be younger than your full retirement age

You must also meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability. This means you’re unable to engage in “substantial gainful activity” because of physical or mental impairments.

You’ll likely need to get quotes from multiple providers to help you find the best disability insurance. However, the stress of the search is worthwhile if it gives you peace of mind and ensures you still have some income while you recover.

Learn More About Insurance for Unemployed People Today

Navigating the world of insurance policies can be stressful. This is especially true when you’re already dealing with the stress of being unemployed.

Keep the information discussed above in mind, and you’ll have an easier time finding the insurance policy that’s right for you.

If you want to learn more about insurance for unemployed people, we have plenty of other resources available. Check out our other insurance-related articles today.