How to Declutter Even in a Small Space

How to Declutter Even in a Small Space

Before we know it, we can realize that we have accumulated far more junk than we ever imagined. If you think that your life is overflowing with objects you no longer need, here are some tips to help you declutter (even if you live in the tiniest of spaces).

Break it Down

The first thing you need to do when decluttering is break it down into smaller chunks. If you become focused on everything you need to do then you can become overwhelmed and think that it will never end. This kind of thinking is only going to put you in a slump and will not help the situation whatsoever.

Break it down into as smaller chunks as you need. You could do it by room or even by area if you live in a studio apartment. If you like organized chaos, you can also simply pile everything in a central location and go through it bit by bit.

Get Some Help

If you live in an apartment, chances are you are not going to be able to get your hands on a dumpster rental and it’s important to avoid your neighbors getting angry from filling up the building’s dumpster. Instead, try this dumpster rental alternative. You can arrange everything you want to get rid of and they will take it all away for you, nice and easy!

You can also consult with friends or family if you are struggling to get rid of some things. There might be some items which you are torn over and they can help you make the decisions you are struggling with. There is also a good change where they would be happy to take some of the possessions off your hands, this way you know for a fact they are going to a good home.

Be Ruthless

If you live in a very small space, you cannot afford to keep hold of things you simply don’t need, as every inch of your storage will count. Take a look at the philosophies of master organizers like Marie Kondo as they might be able to teach you something new about how to approach the way you tidy and declutter.

You are always going to need to bring new things into your home which means that you have to be prepared to get rid of things too. Set up a healthy relationship in your mind concerning what you need to get rid of and what you are going to keep. The more easily you find it to get rid of old things, the easier it will be. Half the battle here is training your mind so it can declutter easily. When you have conquered that, everything is going to be much, much easier.

Take a look around your home now and start to think about what you might choose to get rid of. If there is nothing, you need to take a closer look. There will always be something you can declutter.

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