How to Write the Perfect Resume for a Recent College Graduate

How to Write the Perfect Resume for a Recent College Graduate

resume for recent college graduate

Around 20 million people are enrolled in public or private colleges every year.

That means a lot of new graduates entering the job market each year too!

Unfortunately for motivated new graduates, this fact equates to more competition for sought after jobs. It’s essential to be proactive in getting an edge over everyone else.

Having a solid resume can make all the difference. Unsure where to start and looking for advice?

Keep reading for 5 top tips for writing the perfect resume for recent college graduate.

1. Craft a Concise Professional Summary

The professional summary is a vital part of your resume.

This is where you detail exactly who you are and why you’re awesome.

Avoid vague and cliché pieces of information. Everyone is going to say they’re hardworking, conscientious and self-starting. It’s bland and your potential employer won’t be interested in it.

Instead, tell them what you can do for them based on past experience (give examples).

Consider using an online resume maker app for help if required!

2. Set Up a New Email Address

It’s important to have a professional looking email address.

Remember, first impressions counts.

The email address you had as a teenager is unlikely to cut it. may have been epic for your high school street cred. But your employer is less likely to see the funny side.

Keep that one as a personal email address if you like. Set up another formal address all job applications.

3. Keep it Recent

You may have had a great track history in high school.

However, for a college grad resume, you want to focus on more recent achievements and experience.

Highlight your accomplishments for your time in college. What courses, internships, side jobs, and accolades and so on do you have to your name from that time?

These will be of far more interest to a potential employer.

4. Include Relevant Skills

Your CV should be entirely relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Highlight personal skills and experience that would enable you to do well in the role. This requires you to properly read the job description provided!

Look at what the role would entail. Then, address on your CV exactly why you could do each task effectively.

5. Include Your Grade Point Average

If you have an epic GPA, then sure as hell tell everyone about it.

You want to stand out. This is a quick and easy way to do it.

However, think twice about doing this if your GPA was below 3.0. It may detract from your other amazing qualities.

The Ideal Resume for Recent College Graduate

There you have it: 5 top tips to write the perfect resume for a recent college graduate.

As we’ve seen, millions of new graduates enter the job market every year. That’s a lot of competition for sought after roles. It’s vital that everything is done to maximize the chance of success.

Writing a high-quality resume is often the first port of call.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted exactly how to do it! Want more career advice? Search ‘career’ on the blog to read all of our related articles.

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