How Work at Home Moms Can Start a Business on a Tight Budget

How Work at Home Moms Can Start a Business on a Tight Budget

If you are a stay at home mom in need of some additional income you might be thinking about starting a home business. This can be a great idea today because there are so many ways to build a home business in your spare time. The key is knowing what to do and where to focus your limited time and energy. Here are some tips to help you build a successful home business.


Do a Business Plan

Most people that create small home based businesses take shortcuts because they either want to get started quickly or that planning is not really necessary. The reality is that any business seeking to have success should start with a business plan. You should take the time to put down your ideas and work through all of the important areas including:

  • List of products or services you intend to sell
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Funding
  • Contingencies

You should write a section on each and understand precisely how you will move things forward. One of the great things about a business plan is that it forces you to go through your ideas and examine each one critically. You will find that working through each idea shows you that some are not as good as you thought and others are ones you should place more focus on to get to profitability as soon as possible. You will also discover how much money you need to run your business which is quite often more than you think. The plan lays out a blueprint for your success,

Dedicate an Area of Your Home to Your Business

To make sure that you keep things professional create a dedicated space in your home for your business. This could be one or several rooms or even an area of you live in a smaller home or apartment. The key is to have this place specifically for you to work. Set up yourself a desk, computer and all of your business files in this area and only o into it when you want to work.

Set Work Hours for Yourself

You should also set work hours for yourself so that you set aside that specific time during the day. Pick times that make sense based on your life. If you have children pick times when they are at school or asleep so you can work uninterrupted. Give yourself time off too. Try and not work on weekends and holiday and remember to get enough sleep or your performance will suffer.

Use Custom Decals Instead of More Costly Forms of Printing

There will be many costs associated with launching and running your new business and you will need to do some branding of your company, products and services. One great way to do this is with marketing materials with the names of your company and its products and services. The challenge is that purchasing marketing materials can be expensive and you have to commit to large orders. An alternative to purchasing set materials. Is to buy customized decals from Sticker You that you can stick o products, and even marketing materials that get sent out.

Market at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to find new customers. These shows are put together to gather potential customers, suppliers and businesses like yours. They can be expensive and you should find ways to cut corners when you are just starting out. One way is to not buy a booth but instead to simply browse the trade show and meet with people you see there. Strike up conversations with attendees and you can actually make wonderful contacts.  Be sure to bring lots of business cards and brochures and use custom labels attached to sample products you have featuring your products benefits and how to reach you.

If you are considering starting a stay at home business, make a plan and make sure the business is one you love. Put in the time and be patient and consistent and soon you will be successful.