How to Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bedtime Routine for Yourself

How to Create the Ultimate Relaxing Bedtime Routine for Yourself

For anyone that has kids, you know exactly how important it is to have a solid bedtime routine that encourages kids to wind down, relax, and prepare their bodies for sleep. This kind of routine yields results and often kids end up having a great night because of it. So, why can’t that approach be applied to adults? If you find you’re always tired and worn out, you have a hard time concentrating and focusing later in the day, that you never get enough sleep, or that your quality of sleep is low, then it may be time to create your own relaxing bedtime routine.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can create your own relaxing bedtime routine that improves the amount and quality of sleep you’re getting.

Set a Bedtime

The first tip is to set a bedtime that you will stick to every night, even on the weekends. Sure, there will be times where things pop up, but you want to try really hard to adhere to the new bedtime. At the very least, you should try to stick to it for a good few weeks so that you begin to create a habit. You are basically training your body when it comes to a sleep schedule, so each time you deviate from the bedtime you are setting yourself back in terms of results.

Be Mindful of What You Eat and Drink in the Evenings

This is also a great time to start paying attention to what you eat and drink in the late afternoons and evenings. Too much caffeine or alcohol before bed can keep you awake, and certain foods can make it hard to fall asleep too. Some foods may even cause sensitivities that lead to an upset stomach, gas or bloating, which will keep you tossing and turning in bed.

Create a Cozy Bedroom Environment

Your bedroom environment will also play a role in how well you’re able to fall asleep and stay sleeping. This means comfortable, lightweight, and breathable bed linens; a nice dark room; the perfect temperature that is a bit on the cooler side; and, for some people, air circulation (a fan or open window) and white noise/nature sounds can also be helpful.

Give Aromatherapy and Roll-Ons a Try

There has also been a lot of attention given to aromatherapy and roll-ons in the past few years, as there are certain blends that are shown to help with stress, relaxation, pain relief, and even focus. One popular blend is CBD and aromatherapy, which manages to give you the best of both worlds, providing benefits to the mind and body. You can look into how CBD roll-ons work, and what the best essential oils are to mix with the CBD.

Don’t Reach for Electronics While in Bed

Once you do get into bed, it’s important you don’t reach for any electronics such as your phone, laptop, or switch on the TV. These can act as stimulants, which then make it hard to turn off your brain and fall asleep.

Using these tips will help you to get that much-needed sleep so you can feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.