5 Pros and Cons of Wind Turbines You May Not Have Known

5 Pros and Cons of Wind Turbines You May Not Have Known

Looking for more sustainable energy sources?

You aren’t alone, as renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source in the United States. Among these, solar and wind power are the best. Solar energy is more familiar since most households can invest in these systems.

So, what about wind energy?

In this guide, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of wind turbines. It will help you become more familiar with these renewable energy options. Read on:

1. Pro: Cost Effectiveness

An average wind farm makes some of the cheapest energy available in the industry. A commercial-sized wind turbine farm makes energy that costs $0.01 to $0.02 per kilowatt per hour. The best part is that the price of developing these is becoming cheaper.

You can expect this trend to continue. The wind turbine industry in the United States is worth billions. It means both large-scale and small-scale wind farms become more affordable.

If you plan to make a wind farm, know that the turbine is 75% of the installation cost. After it becomes operational, you need only worry about maintenance and operating costs. It’s similar if you ask solar companies to install a solar panel system for your home or business.

2. Con: Intermittent Energy

Wind turbines must rotate to make electricity. The amount of electricity you get depends on a critical weather factor: the wind levels. It makes estimating the precise amount of electricity the turbine makes difficult.

Its safety features also prevent it from spinning when the wind levels are too high. Mitigate this by storing surplus wind energy.

3. Pro: Rural Economic Benefits

You’ll find the most effective wind farms in rural areas. It’s where this type of electricity benefits the economy the most. Most enterprises install turbines in farms and ranches without causing great disruptions.

Wind farm owners pay the landowners rent. It helps supplement income and help grow the local economy. It also gives jobs to people working to build wind farms.

4. Con: Noisy and Unsightly

If your home’s outside appeal is important to you, you may find that wind turbines can ruin it. Some people living near wind farms also find them noisy. Regardless, its environmental impact is a lot lower compared to traditional power stations.

5. Pro: Free Fuel

One of the benefits of wind energy is the lack of fuel costs. It helps a lot since traditional energy sources like oil and gas have fluctuating prices. It means you need not worry about factoring the fuel price on top of the total energy costs.

It’s what makes the energy made using wind farms cheap and stable. It’s especially beneficial to poorer communities.

Discover More Pros and Cons of Wind Turbines Today

Knowing the pros and cons of wind turbines allows you to determine whether it’s a worthy investment. It’s clean, renewable energy with minor imperfections. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, making it a great source of power.

Like solar panels, wind turbines can enhance your home’s sustainability and cut down electric costs. Every household should strive to save money. If you’re looking for more saving tips, we have other guides to help.