How Long Do Modular Homes Last?

How Long Do Modular Homes Last?

Modular homes are incredibly popular at the moment and offer a low cost and environmentally friendly option for those seeking a new home. One question which many ask about this housing choice is how long they are going to last, given the materials which are often used and the way in which the house is built.

In terms of a general lifespan of custom modular homes there is no exact number that can be provided. This is because there are a range of material choices, build quality can change and even the plot of land on which the property is built will have an impact. There are however many ways to ensure a long lasting modular home, and here is how to get the absolute maximum from the property.

Checking Levels

Because of the fact that a modular home doesn’t have the strength and stability which a custom built home would have, the levels of the home become incredibly important. Land moves and this is why you should check the levels of your home on an annual basis. If you find any issues, call in a professional builder to get some advice as to whether or not it will become a problem.

Coating the Roof

Roofs of homes bear the brunt of the elements and that is why it is important to ensure that the roof is coated on an annual basis. Be sure to always be aware of any missing shingles or broken parts of the roof and have them fixed immediately.

Scratch and Damage

If you see any areas of the frame or the walls of the property, it is essential that you quickly take action to repair them. The reason for this is that it can easily lead to rust and corrosion, as these are the perfect breeding grounds for moisture to seep in. Using zinc chromate you can very easily touch up these areas and protect the exterior of your property.

Sealant Check

Often you will find in modular homes that the sealant around windows, doors and vents can loosen over time. You should look to recaulk these areas, whenever you see that there is a problem. If the seal is poor then insects, cold air and moisture can enter the gap, and that can lead to a number of future problems.

Gutter System

Regular cleaning of the gutter system not only protects the gutter itself, which can easily damage from excess weight caused by debris, but can also help encourage drainage. Be sure that every quarter you give the gutter a good clean, this is a simple task and one which will make a real difference.

Washing Walls

If your property has Vinyl Siding then be sure that you regularly clean this. Not only will this make your modular home look more attractive but you can clear off moss and mildew which ultimately attacks the material and causes issues.

The better that modular homes are maintained, the longer that they are going to last.