Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Room

Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Room

You wish to maintain the cleanliness of your shower room. It is the place where you wash the dirt off your body. The last thing you’d like to happen is to shower in it when it is too messy. These are some tips to follow if you’re going to clean the shower room and make it conducive for a pleasant showering experience.

Cover the shower head

You need to cover the shower head with a bag of vinegar. Secure it with a rubber band and leave it there overnight. It helps in making sure that the shower head is clean even if you don’t spend hours cleaning it. You want a clean showerhead because if it is not, the water that comes out of it will also be dirty.

Soak the shower curtain in salt water

This technique helps in making sure that the curtain won’t have mildew, without using chemicals. You can let it dry after soaking before hanging it again. You can’t use the washing machine for cleaning these curtains, so it is the most effective solution.

Use vinegar to clean the shower room

You can mix vinegar with dishwashing detergent to clean the shower room. You can use a sponge to absorb the mixture and apply it to the different areas in the shower room. You need to be careful when using chemicals on parts made of iron or steel as there could be an adverse effect.

Use a squeegee

You can buy a squeegee if you want to remove the soap scum building up on the glass panels. You don’t have to regularly wipe it off with a cloth if you have a squeegee. It only takes a little time to finish the task.

Keep it dry

The shower room is probably the wettest part of your house. It does not have to be so if you can keep it dry all the time. Make sure that you have a proper drainage system to drain the water from the shower floor fully. You can also take wet garments and clothing out of the shower room after using them. Open the shower door for a while before closing it to speed up the drying process. Moulds and mildew will not grow in a dry environment.

Deal with repair issues

Apart from keeping the shower room clean and dry, you also need to ensure that all parts are functional. For example, with shower cabins, you need to check the moving parts, to see if they are functioning well. You also need to check if the temperature control works perfectly. You don’t want to suffer if you are already in the mood to shower, because of these repair problems. Besides, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on repair issues. Make sure though that you don’t attempt solving them without professional help, as things could get worse.

With these tips, you can now keep the shower room clean and enjoy your showering experience.