Got a Teenager at Home? Here are 3 Fun Ways to Bond With Them

Got a Teenager at Home? Here are 3 Fun Ways to Bond With Them

While many parents can’t seem to get enough of their sweet little bundle of joy once they’re born, their baby will eventually grow up. As anyone with a teenager at home will be aware, they can sometimes become distant. Whether it’s getting swept up in hanging out with their friends, trying out for a school team, or staying locked up inside their room, it can seem like you don’t get as much time with them as you used to.

But fear not. There are actually several ways you can go about spending more time with your teen, and while this will depend on their individual interests, you’re bound to find some way to connect with them, whether it’s sports, art, or just watching TV.

Catch a Movie

Everybody likes a good movie. If there’s a movie coming out that you think your teen would enjoy, ask them if they’d like to go see it with you. Don’t get too offended if they want to go with their friends, but chances are they will be excited to have someone willing to buy them popcorn and some snacks, plus the two of you can discuss the movie afterward. Another option might be to have a chill movie night at home where the two of you pop some popcorn and run to the store to pick out candy or two, then browse your favorite streaming site for something the two of you can agree on.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Sometimes all you and your teen need in order to bond is a day where the two of you can just drive around the city with a credit card that has no fears—to an extent, of course. It can be incredibly fun to model clothes for each other, check out the bookstore, test perfumes, and get some things that you’ve both had your eyes on for a while. When is the last time either of you had a proper spa day? Make the time now! Just be sure to leave some time to stop and grab some grub before you head back home, too.

Explore the Great Outdoors

It’s always nice to get a breath of fresh air every now and again, especially if your teen is prone to staring at screens all day long. The two of you could go for a short hike along a trail and talk about life for a while, or even go biking. If you’ve got a hunter in the family, take them along sometime. Even if they’ve never gone before, you can show them the ropes, like the ins and outs of gun safety, hunting techniques and terms, and how to use all the necessary tools. To teach them how to properly use a rifle, it might be worthwhile to take them long range shooting at a range first. If they don’t have any interest in hunting but love the outdoors, a weekend camping trip is perfect. The two of you can bond overfishing, foraging, setting up your tents, roasting hot dogs, and stargazing.

Practice Patient

These are all excellent activities that you can do with your teen that they would likely enjoy. That being said, we’re talking about teenagers here, and they have a reputation for being, well, a little angsty. Don’t take it too personally if they don’t want to do one of these things with you. If you just practice some patience and don’t force anything on them or push them too hard, they are sure to come around.