8 Baby Items New Parents Can’t Live Without

8 Baby Items New Parents Can’t Live Without

There are many Baby Items New Parents Can’t Live Without

Whether you are about to become a new parent or you are shopping for gifts for a new parent, there are a few things a new mom and dad truly cannot live without. We’ve compiled a list of the main items to help you out.

  1. Baby wipes and nappies

New parents can definitely not live without an abundance of nappies and wipes. Wipes are so versatile they can be used for more than just bottoms. They can be used for stains, spills, dirty hands and feet, and so much more. As for nappies, babies go through an average on 3,000 nappies just in their first year. Help new moms stock up!

  1. A baby swing or bouncer

Baby bouncers or swings are super-nifty and make for sensational baby gifts in Australia. New moms often find it tough trying to do get things done while juggling a baby on their hip or in their arms, so a swing or bouncer will keep the little one comfy and busy while mom gets to take a shower or just relax.

  1. Baby monitor

Ask any new mom and she will tell you that a baby monitor is heaven-sent! There are a few different kinds on the market, such as video and audio, or audio only, and even movement monitors that keep an eye on the baby’s breathing and movements. If you’re buying the monitor as a gift, ask mom what she would prefer before you pick a particular type.

  1. A baby carrier

This is probably the main item new parents cannot be without. There are so many different kinds of wraps, slings, and carriers on the market, but you really cannot go wrong! Whichever you choose, it will help the new parents to get baby to sleep, take baby for walks, and just get things done when they need to.

  1. Wraps

Speaking of wraps, muslin wraps are an absolute must-have for new parents. They come in handy once baby arrives, and are versatile, too, as they can be used as a breastfeeding cover, a swaddle, a pram cover, or even a burping blanket. It’s pretty much the main item parents need in their nappy bag wherever they go.

  1. A breast pump

For new moms who are going to be breastfeeding, they are going to need to express their milk. A breast pump makes this a whole lot easier for them and means they can be away from baby while knowing he or she will still receive breast milk.

  1. A swaddle

It has been reported that swaddling a baby can help to induce sleep and is very soothing. Swaddling products are great for allowing baby’s arms to still move freely, as well as their hips and knees while avoiding later hip problems.

  1. Nappy rash cream

It may not sound like the greatest or most imaginative gift, but nappy rash cream is a staple for new babies. It will help to cure baby’s irritate skin and bring soothing relief.

If you are looking for a gift for a baby, try asking the parents what they still need or would really like for their first born.