Enthusiastic Support from Le-Vel Brands Supporters

Enthusiastic Support from Le-Vel Brands Supporters


In just a few short years, the premium lifestyle company Le-Vel has garnered many positive reviews – Le-Vel Brands Reviews. Three veterans of the direct sales industry founded the company in 2012 and created exciting and innovative products focused on helping people manage their weight and health. Through affiliates and retailers who believe and trust in both Le-Vel Brands’ system and products, the company has enjoyed exponential growth. It is not hard to see why when one looks and listens to what the brand’s supporters have to say.

Testimonials from Le-Vel Brands Promoters

Sylvia Weber from the Greater Los Angeles Area, who describes herself as “Jesus lover” said that she herself has been using the Le-Vel Brands’ products which make her feel great. Additionally, she also likes to help others around her to also feel as great as herself. “I am helping people enjoy life by getting healthy and having the ability to have financial freedom,” she enthused. Heather Prewitt from Ohio added that Le-Vel Brands is endorsing “pharmaceutical grade products that support the body on a cellular level.” It is hard not to notice the passion of Le-Vel Brands’ promoters when it comes to vouching for both the company and its products.

What’s Behind All This Excitement?

Le-Vel Brands is rapidly becoming a trusted global brand on weight management and dietary supplements. Seeing itself as a premium lifestyle brand, Le-Vel Brands currently has four popular products in its lineup: Thrive M (weight management pills for men), Thrive W (weight management pills for women), Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix (whey protein powder additive to smoothies and other drinks for weight management, antioxidant support and energy boost), and Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology), its most innovative product that comes in the form of a skin patch. Designed to be attached to the skin on the forearm, shoulder or bicep, the Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT would slowly deliver natural and powerful ingredients like green coffee bean extract and white willow bark to the bloodstream in 24 hours. That is not all. The Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT also contains Garcinia Cambogia (Malabar tamarind that aids in weight management) and Cosmoperine (derived from black pepper and increases skin absorption).

Le-Vel Brands’ Compensation Plan

Retailers and affiliates of Le-Vel Brands earn twenty percent commission on product sales made from personal customers. Additionally, they also earn twelve percent commission from sales made from level one customers and four percent commission from sales from customers in levels two and three. The company also offers various incentive bonuses like electronic gadgets such as the iPad, as well as leases on luxury vehicles. And if that is not motivating enough, the company also takes its members on annual vacation trips to exciting places like Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Italy and Mexico.

Retailers and affiliates also enjoy huge discounts on Le-Vel Brands’ Thrive premium lifestyle products, especially when they opt for the auto-ship price, which makes sure that they get regular monthly shipping of their chosen Thrive products. All of these make very loyal customers for Le-Vel Brands.