Could Your Partner Be Unfaithful? Look For These 6 Cheating Signs Now

Could Your Partner Be Unfaithful? Look For These 6 Cheating Signs Now

If you’re reading an article about signs she’s cheating, then part of you must have spotted something suspicious. That doesn’t mean your partner is cheating, but something has given you pause.

It’s not surprising. Current studies show that 20-40% of men and 20-25% of women will cheat on their partners.

So it’s worth knowing what the common cheating signs are. Read on to learn more.

1. Changes to Phone Use

Those cheating on their partners will use their devices more often than they did. They’ll also be more secretive about using them.

Some partners won’t let their phones out of their sight. Has she added a password? Does she delete messages, or clear her browsing history? These can also be signs she’s cheating.

Take context into consideration. Do you have an important occasion coming up that she might plan a surprise for? If not, that’s a real problem.

2. Hostility From Nowhere

Hostility can be one of the signs of a cheating wife. That’s because a cheating wife might try to ‘explain’ their behavior by projecting blame onto her husband.

That way, she can blame all the things you’ve ‘done wrong’ for her decision to cheat. If she’s suddenly getting irritated by things you’ve done for years or pushing you away, then be concerned.

3. Working To Improve Their Appearance

Is your partner suddenly exercising more? Has she changed her diet, or started buying new clothes? A new desire to change her appearance may be an attempt to attract someone new.

True, it can be hard to tell if shes up to no good. She may be trying to attract you.

So check when she puts in more effort. Does she still wear her yoga pants and stained T-shirts around you, but dresses up for work? If so, that’s a bad sign.

4. Periods of No Contact

Do you find that you have periods of time in which you can’t contact your partner? Is his phone always off, or he ignores messages for hours?

This can be one of the signs of a cheating husband. These periods of no contact can coincide with infidelity.

Sometimes your partner won’t answer calls or texts for a genuine reason. For example, they may have been in a meeting or driving. In these cases, you’ll normally hear from them as soon as they’re available.

So check how often, and how long, these periods last. If they become regular or last for too long, that’s a bad sign.

5. Sudden Schedule Changes

Likewise, does your partner suddenly change their schedule? Have they started working late, or working away?

Again, it is possible that the extent of their job has changed. Yet if this is the case, they’ll talk about it with you. A loyal partner will discuss what they’re working on or explain why the change is necessary.

If they don’t, or they’re vague in their answers, it could be a sign that they’re cheating.

6. A Lack of Intimacy

All relationships evolve over time. We can’t keep up the emotional intensity of the early months. Yet intimacy replaces the intensity, and we settle into a rhythm. A change in that rhythm fits into the signs your wife is cheating.

Does she suddenly seem distant or less willing to be vulnerable? This could be because she’s switched her emotional intimacy to someone else.

Likewise, a change in your sexual intimacy can be a bad sign. Less sex can indicate she’s getting satisfaction elsewhere. More sex can also show a guilty conscience or over-compensation.

Which of These Cheating Signs Do You Recognize?

Each of these cheating signs on its own is not definite proof your partner is cheating. There are other explanations.

Yet if you spot a few of the signs, then it could mean they’re being unfaithful. Talk it out with a friend to get their perspective. Next, try having a discussion with your partner to find out the truth.

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