9 Essentials To Setup Your Little Green Corner in The House

9 Essentials To Setup Your Little Green Corner in The House

The elements in the house portray the personality of its resident and if you have a green thumb, it should also reflect in the interiors. Whether you decide to line up a number of indoor plants in the house or spruce up a balcony or a corner for them, you will need certain essentials to carry out the task. Plants are your little friends which always shower you with the gift of health and positive ambience in your living space. If you wish to set up an indoor houseplant garden, then here is the list of what you need to do so smoothly:

  1. Planter

To snuggle the little plant into the soil, you will need a plant pot or planter and choose it according to the size of the plant and space you wish to keep it in. Pick the colourful ones with polka dots and pastel shades, they will make the interiors come alive too.

  1. A Set of Gardening Tools

Rather to by each piece separately, go for a complete set that will make you a pro with indoor plants. Make sure the set contains essentials like pruning shears, spade shovels and snips to make the care of indoor plant a cakewalk for you.

  1. Watering Can

Pick up a cute watering can and avoid over-watering plants every now and then. It will allow you to spray just the right amount of water that will make your plants bloom and smile throughout the year.

  1. Soil

Rich with manure and organic, good quality of soil is a must-have for an indoor garden. It may also need an extra boost of nutrients every now and then as the naturally occurring minerals are consumed by plants and gets exhausted pretty soon.

  1. Plant Saucers

In case you over-water the plants, you certainly don’t want the water to spill or drain all over the floor. They are re-usable and protect the floor and decks from getting spoiled due to constant water drainage from the pots.

  1. Gloves

Your hands need protection from the harsh nature of dust, soil, water and garden tools and a decent pair of gloves can keep your skin soft and supple even if you work for hours in the garden. Get a few pairs in multiple colours.

  1. Kneeling Pad

Forget the sore knees with some cushioned kneeling pads. They come in different shape and sizes so choose the one which suits you the most. Place them under knees and work for hours without sweating a bit.

  1. pH Soil Tester

This will come handy to test the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. It is a parameter to test how well the soil is absorbing the nutrients and it should be measured regularly to keep the plants healthy and alive.

  1. Solid Acidifier

Certain plants need acidic soil to grow well. A solid acidifier can correct the alkalinity of soil to grow luscious and healthy plants. However, you should always test the acidity of the soil with a pH soil tester before adding it to avoid burning the plant.