Unleash Your Inner Gamer Girl! 9 of the Best Video Games You Can Play in 2019

Unleash Your Inner Gamer Girl! 9 of the Best Video Games You Can Play in 2019

Which video games are women playing in 2019? There is only a slight difference between the best video games for women and the best video games for men.

In fact, if you were to rule out a few AAA titles like God of War, and the sports titles like PEZ and FIFA, then the best games played by men and women are the same.

This list features a popular game from each of the gaming genres.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Story Role Playing Game)

The final patches to RDR2’s core gameplay and its online play were released in 2019. Red Dead puts you in the boots of a very handsome and grizzled cowboy. Every decision you make will affect the eventual outcome. Nowadays, over 45% of gamers are women, and games with a strong story have helped draw more women into gaming over the years.

RDR2 took years to develop and it really shows. The landscapes, the attention to detail, and the gaming mechanics have never been as sophisticated as in this game.

The storytelling is better than Hollywood as it takes you from coy smile and moments of genuine levity, all the way to crushing heartbreak. You become very invested in your character to the point where you feel the story beats in a very personal way as you play through this epic game.

2. Oxygen Not Included (Base-Building Game)

This is one of the best video games of 2019 for the PC. It has been in development for years but was finished in 2019 after years of tinkering. The tinkering really shines through because it is the most technically-detailed and in-depth base-building game to ever exist.

For example, want to lay a water pipe? You have to think about the material, its capacity, how much pressure it can take, its heat resistance, its weight, and what types of fluid can be drawn through it without causing damage. You even have to think about how the fluid running through it will heat or cool the surrounding area.

3. Don’t Starve Together (Co-op Survival Game)

The game “Don’t Starve Together” was originally criticized for being a survival game that made survival too difficult (go figure). However, after years of updates, patches, and DLC, it is now worthy of playing.

Its two-player dynamic means you and your special someone can spend hours trying to fight the elements to survive together. Playing Don’t Starve becomes boring if played alone but has brilliant replay value when played with somebody else.

4. Best Video Games Like FTL: Faster Than Light (Tactical Game)

FTL looks retro and indie but is probably one of the best PC games to come out in the last ten years. It is a genuine example of substance over appearance. You start out like a child with a space shooter and in just a few hours you become a tactician worthy of a spot on the Starship Enterprise.

FTL is still popular in the year 2019 and is a fan favorite for women who enjoy tactical gameplay. If you are the sort of woman who is always thinking two moves ahead, then FTL is for you.

5. Kingdom Hearts III (Fantasy Game)

Do you love a bit of Disney nostalgia mixed with a bit of Final Fantasy affection? If so, you may like Kingdom Hearts.

Try not to think about the plot because it is a muddled mess; who knows why they greenlit such a messy story for the game aimed at younger players! Plus, there is not nearly enough Final Fantasy in the game.

However, play Kingdom Hearts III and you get to hang out with all your old favorites from Donald Duck all the way up to Olaf, the snowman from Frozen.

6. Resident Evil 2 Remake (Horror Game)

The RE2 remake was originally shunned by women after the likes of Resident Evil 7 proved mostly popular with men. Women were not expecting much after the lackluster effort that was made for the RE1 remake, but everybody was pleasantly surprised by the RE2 remake.

It may not have the same pull for female audiences as Resident Evil 4 did, but the RE2 remake is a solid horror masterpiece that doesn’t alienate female lovers of this genre.

7. Far Cry 5 (First Person Shooter Game)

The game Far Cry 5 is still a female favorite even in 2019. With games like New Dawn and Rage 2 trying to attract women with horrifically patronizing gender politics, women are still flocking to Far Cry 5 for a dose of first-person shooting that is tied with a story and genuine-feeling stakes.

What’s still brilliant about the game is that the primary antagonists are monsters, but they each have a very deep and almost convincing reason for doing what they do. What’s more, if it were not for the way they execute their vision (violently), you could almost see yourself joining up with them because they were written with a great deal of complexity.

It is easy to understand how they may have recruited people who have fallen through the cracks in society.

8. Tropico 6 (Simulation-Building Game)

The state of building games has been awful for the last few years. Even big titles like the Jurassic World Evolution building game were a big disappointment and Surviving Mars was an unfair snooze-fest.

With that in mind, the Tropico 6 game makes this list, though, in reality, it is no more popular with women than with men. Women are turning to classic arcades (like this arcade) more than they are turning to modern building games. Even the Sims franchise has lost its steam with female audiences.

9. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Melee Fighting Role Playing Game)

Are women still flocking to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in the year 2019 because it is the first to feature a female player? Are they flocking to it because it is helping bring down the toxic masculine patriarchy?

No, women are not playing AssCreed for its gender politics. They are playing it because it is the first Assassin’s Creed game to get the RPG side of its game right.

AssCreed has had a mixed female reception over the years, with some studies showing that male-female couples are playing almost as much as female-only players. AssCreed has never had a storytelling problem, but its RPG aspect has always been hit or miss. Yet, it is AssCreed Odyssey that has finally drawn a consistent female demographic thanks to getting the RPG side of its game right.

What Makes A Game The Best?

In some cases, the best video games are the ones that have taken years to develop and have had massive teams of dedicated developers, like “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Other times, it is games that go into so much detail that you can play using genuinely advanced math and science, like “Oxygen Not Included.”

The state of gaming has become more complex, and while some games are trying to rope in female audiences with progressive left propaganda, the most popular video games for women are still the games with the best content, best storytelling, and best execution. It just shows that women cannot be strong-armed into buying games because of their message rather than their content.

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