Vintage Garden Trends: Get The Look

Vintage Garden Trends: Get The Look

Vintage is a hot look right now, and I think if you’re really keen to capitalise on this trend, you should make sure you extend your efforts to your garden. There are so many simple ways to transform the look of your garden – I’ve included some of my favourites below. What’s more, I think now’s the perfect time to get planning ahead of summer, so what are you waiting for?

Wrought Iron Furniture

Personally, I believe investing in some wrought iron furniture is one of the most useful steps to take. Go for something like a loveseat or a table and chairs set in a distressed finished and you’ll add an instant vintage touch to the garden.

For this kind of look, it could be worth seeing what’s available second-hand. After all, age will only add to the furniture’s old-fashioned appeal, and you could also end up saving a fair amount.

Deck Chairs

My next recommendation is investing in some deck chairs, which are a great alternative to wrought iron furniture. If you do decide to go down this is route, I urge you go for dark wooden frames and fabric in bright colours for the ultimate vintage appeal.

Another thing I like about deck chairs is that they’re really practical. Unlike wrought iron furniture, they can be packed away and stored very easily, which means they’re great for smaller gardens that might benefit from the extra space when you’re not out enjoying the sunshine. And, when the weather is pleasant, I think they add a lovely, almost beach-like feel that’s great for relaxation.

Table/Chair Decoration

Once you’ve got your tables, chairs, loveseats or benches in place, I suggest giving them a little decoration. For instance, throwing a lace tablecloth over a wrought iron or wooden table is a great way to add some vintage style to an alfresco dinner or drinks with friends.

Alternatively, add floral patterned cushions in pale tones to loveseats and chairs – these are also vintage favourites. I also like dotting lights about the garden in the evening, as this makes it look so pretty. Rather than going for a modern garden light, place candles in old jam jars to capture the romance of days gone by. This is a low-cost option, too!

Plant Pots

My next tip is to take a look at your plant pots and see if there’s anything you can do to give them a vintage makeover. One great bit of advice I came across recently is to switch your plant pots for metal buckets, which can look fantastic.

If, however, you don’t fancy doing that, you could invest in some traditional-style pots instead – or wrap your existing pots in gingham tea towels. The latter is an easy way to create an old-style feel without having to break the bank – provided you’re happy to part with some tea towels, that is!

Wireplanters, meanwhile, are also fab. You can attach these to sheds and walls, then fill them with a couple of potted plants for a gorgeous vintage finish.

Traditional Outbuildings

If you’re thinking of adding something like a shed or a log cabin to your garden, make sure you carry on the vintage theme. You can buy wooden buildings like this in classic, traditional styles (click here for examples of log cabin homes), so creating continuity in your garden decor shouldn’t be too difficult.

And, as a final tip, if you plan to buy something like a log cabin or summerhouse to use as a place for you and your family/friends to relax in, remember to spruce up the inside vintage-style as well!