5 Threats By Water Damage And How To Secure Your Property

5 Threats By Water Damage And How To Secure Your Property

Most people work their entire lives to buy their first home. Finding the right place, getting a mortgage, and furnishing the house are goals that most people have on the agenda. There is a certain satisfaction and sense of peace that comes with owning your own property. So, not only are you buying a comfortable living space, but you are also making a big investment.

However, this rosy picture can turn into a disaster in a matter of hours if a storm strikes. Hurricanes and storms are known to cause millions of dollars in water damage to homes. Not only does water damage lower the value of the house, but it also brings with it a fair set of dangers that can cause major issues for the tenants. In this article, we will be talking about some major threats of water damage and what you can do to secure your property.

  1. Paint Seepage

One of the first issues that you may notice when water enters through the windows is that your paint will begin to bubble and loosen. It looks awful for sure, but the long-term effects that this could have on your health are worth noting. Mold is known to grow over the paint if it remains wet. Once it starts to grow, the spores can cause major breathing issues and can damage your lungs in extreme cases. When this happens, it would be wise to call in professionals with expertise in water damage resources to gauge the extent of the issue.
You may want to seal the windows with a silicone gun if you see water dangers incoming. A mere glue gun could save you thousands of dollars and protect your health in the long run. The seals on the windows are the first place to let water in, hence the reason you should tend to it first.

  1. Roof Leakage

You need to take a look at the roof if you see signs of a storm coming in. after the windows, the roof is likely to give in and let water through. If the roof is weak or insecure, in some cases, it could collapse and endanger the people living inside. Other than that, lack of a roof means that there is a ton of water now bucketing down inside your house and damaging all your belongings.

You may want to go up on the roof and check If everything is okay before the stormy season comes around. If you don’t think that you can handle it on your own, consider calling in roofing experts to gauge what can be done. Changing the shingles doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need a whole fortification effort to ensure that the roof holds during a freak storm. Click here to check out some of the best roof specialists in the country.

  1. Electrical Current

One of the most dangerous things about the rainy season comes from potential electrocutions. Tens of people get injured and die because of accidental electrocution from the water. Water can gather in basements and enter electrical sockets that could cause major issues for the people living in the house. Now you have a body of electrified water in the basements and don’t know how to sort the situation out.

The best thing to do is to turn the circuit breaker off in advance. If you know that the storm is coming around in the next few hours, turn off the power and prevent potentially deadly electrocutions. Other than the electrocutions, you might end up saving your entire house’s electrical system by turning the power off in advance.

  1. Pests Are Attracted To Water

Consider yourself lucky if the biggest issue you had after a flooded house was a mosquito infestation. Rats, snakes, and other reptiles are attracted to water, so you never know what you might find in your house. In some cases, alligators creep in and take their place in people’s homes after major floods.

If the house is already flooded and you are having issues with pests, and other wildlife, consider treating the water with some chemicals. A bottle of bleach should do the trick; it’ll repel bugs and creepy crawlies and prevent other dangerous creatures from entering your house as well. However, make sure you empty a bottle every few hours (or maybe a day) because it is likely to dilute and not do anything of substance after a while. You may also want to keep children and pets away from the water after it’s treated. Accidentally sipping poisonous water can cause further issues that you might not be ready to deal with at the moment.

  1. Backflow From Drains And Gutters

You rely on the drains and gutters to take away the water, but things could turn against you if there are blockages in the pipes. Not only does it meant that the water isn’t going away anytime soon, but it also means that you are dealing with septic backflow.
Dirty water can make you extremely sick if you aren’t careful. Letting it get in contact with your skin, breathing it, and of course, drinking it could cause deadly health issues. Stay away from septic water at all costs; you don’t know what kind of diseases you could contract!

It would be wise to either call in a plumber or try and clear the gutter blockages yourself (safely). Wear protective gear and try to either dislodge the blockage or clear it with drain cleaner. DIY is a risky move at this point, but if the issue is not bigger than you think you can handle, then give it a shot.

There we have some of the most common threats from water damage and how to secure your property. This article should give you a better idea of what you’re dealing with and the steps you need to take to avoid these issues. At all times and in all seasons, please stay safe and secure at all times. Follow these tips to keep your house and your loved ones safe!