How to Properly Arrange Wall Art

How to Properly Arrange Wall Art

Do not underestimate the power of good wall art. There are tons of studies that prove its positive impact on mental health, and it can turn a house into a home.

Not knowing how to arrange wall art is a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem.

Without proper thought, your rooms could look sloppy and you might damage your art. But with a little guidance and care, your art could be the focal point of your rooms and bring back lots of great memories.

Here are some wall art ideas and tips that will help you solve this issue.

Large Spaces for Large Pieces

First, consider the size of your wall art. If you have large pieces, do not suffocate them.

Huge prints need big walls so they can have the most impact and room to breathe. Give the tighter spaces between windows and doors to small family photo art and inspirational quote prints.

Think Outside the Box

Live in a rental property? Don’t want to damage your walls? There are other ways to arrange wall art.

You can stand big pieces on the floor and lean them against walls for a bohemian New York loft vibe. You could put them on easels or rest them on floating shelves.

Floating shelves are perfect for displaying your children’s art in a neat and tidy way. Because the frames aren’t attached to the wall, it’s easy to swap out old artwork for new ones as often as you want.

Plan For Success

Those gallery walls you see on Instagram and Pinterest look amazing. But hanging a lot of unique prints of different sizes and shapes next to each other takes a bit of planning.

Grab an old bedsheet, put it on the floor, and measure out your wall space on it. Arrange your wall art on the bedsheet until you are happy with the layout.

Then, use kraft paper and cut out the shape of your wall art. Using a tape measure and spirit level, stick your kraft paper to the wall using a temporary adhesive.

If you are still happy with the layout, swap out each kraft paper cut out for the real wall art. Be careful to keep everything level!

Opt For Symmetry if in Doubt

Does creating a gallery wall sound like a lot of effort and a bit of a mess? Do you want to hang family photos that are all the same size?

First, you can shop here to print out high-quality family photos. Then, invest in as many frames as you need (an even number) of the same size and color.

Choose a clean, unobstructed wall and mark out where you will hang every frame. Use a spirit level and a pencil to ensure the finished wall looks neat and symmetrical.

Make Your Wall Art Pop

Everyone puts off hanging wall art because they don’t know how to do it. But with these tips, you are sure to improve on your home decor no matter your style of art.

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