Ways to Make Your Host Family Feel Happy about Your Presence

Ways to Make Your Host Family Feel Happy about Your Presence

You are lucky if you can find a homestay programme during your student exchange in London. With the help of this programme, you do not need to worry where you are going to stay. You will be with a local host family, and they will take care of you during your stay. They will make you feel like part of their family while your real family is miles away from you.

Of course, they want to have the best person to be a part of their extended family. The least you can do in exchange for their kindness is to show them respect. They do not need to take you in, but because of their good heart, they decide to open their doors for you. These are the things you need to do so that your host family will not regret accepting you.

Follow the rules

Some families set rules when they accept international students for homestays. You need to follow these rules and not make any excuses. If you think they are too strict, you can talk to your host parents. Tell them why you think it is not fair and try to bargain. As long as you state your case nicely, they might give you the chance to tweak the rules.

Go home on time

Back home, your parents scolded you when you failed to go home on time. They worried that something would happen to you while you were outside. Imagine how your host parents would feel if you are not yet home, and it is beyond the curfew. They know that they will still be responsible if you have an accident or suffer an injury while outdoors. Therefore, you need to be on time all the time. If not, you need to ask permission in advance so they will not worry unduly.

Help with household chores

You are staying with the host family as an extended member. They are not your maids who will give everything you need. Do not wake up in the morning and expect your breakfast to be ready. Once you finish eating, do not simply stand up and walk away. It does not work that way. You need to do your share of the household chores. You can even volunteer to cook meals from your home country to make them happy.

Share your culture with them

Your host family will be eager to know more about you. Share some facts about your culture and traditions. They will be glad to learn from you if you are open to the idea of discussing it with them. You are also learning from them in the process. Hence, it is not only a student exchange but also a cultural exchange programme.

If you choose one of the student homestays in London, you need to make the most of it and avoid causing problems for your host parents. You can forge lifelong friendships with them, and they will always welcome you in London should you come back in the future.

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