Understanding Women Anatomy: Sexual Pleasure And Arousal

Understanding Women Anatomy: Sexual Pleasure And Arousal

As much as sex is important for reproduction, it also gives pleasurable feelings of admiration. However, in our increasingly digital world, women’s sexuality is often misrepresented.

In this article, we will try to uncover what female sexual pleasures and arousal are all about.

Female Sex Organ

The female sex organ consists of several parts, and the vagina is one of them. Often misunderstood, the vagina is not the female sex organ, but rather a muscular tube that facilitates the movement of semen to the uterus.

The correct name for the female genital is Vulva.

It consisted of major and minor labia, which are the outer and inner folds, respectively. Besides, the vulva also has a clitoris and urethra

What Causes Arousal In Women

As far as arousal in women is concerned, there is very little information available for it. However, some sexual therapists and researchers believe that there are two primary parts in women’s genitals that can trigger pleasurable feelings.

It is noteworthy that arousal in women leads to a climax, often scientifically known as orgasm.


The clitoris is a small bulging part outside of the vaginal cavity. It is located right above the vaginal opening.

The bulging part consists of thousands of nerve endings, and when touched or stimulated can trigger immense pleasure.

A study reveals that stimulation to the clitoris creates fireworks in the brain. And these fireworks are associated with pleasurable experiences.


The second part is not visible but is still prominently responsible for woman arousal. The spot, also known as Grafenberg spot, named after a German-born physician, is actually a debated topic.

However, several studies confirm that the G-Spot is a gland situated inside of the vaginal cavity. Usually, it is located right next to the minor labia, inside the vaginal tube.

During sex, the spot receives a lot of blood and swells up. Although, it is really hard to locate, if needed, it can be felt as a bulging swollen muscle mass.

How To Improve Sexual Pleasures

While the role of male orgasm is pretty obvious for the propagation of generations. What’s not is the purpose of women’s orgasm.

Did you know that half of the time during sex, women do not have an orgasm? More so, 90% of the women never experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Particularly, this could lead to uneasiness and intimacy issues between couples. So, what male partners can do is understand what triggers arousal in women, and what leads to orgasm. You can also learn more here about improving sexual experiences for your women. That being said, we also have some tips for you to help you with the same.

Stimulating Clitoris For Arousal

As already mentioned, the clitoris contains thousands of nerve endings. You can easily trigger an orgasm by stroking the clitoris with your fingers.

You can try circular, right-left, and up-down motion. Besides, you can also speed up the frequency of the strokes to reach the orgasm more quickly.

Stimulating G-Spot For Orgasm

Like the clitoris, the G-Spot can also be stimulated. During intercourse, the shaft should be able to touch the G-Spot with every stroke.

Well, relationship experts suggest trying out different positions to help stimulate an orgasm. For example, you can try missionary position, or spooning, to help her with her arousal.

Using Arousal Products For Women

If the aforementioned tips don’t work, you can also try lubricants and arousal gels for women. These products, increase the blood flow through the nerve endings and help increase the intensity of the sensations.

Besides, arousal products are completely harmless and scientifically proven to help with female orgasm.

Ask Your Partner

Apart from everything that you may try or wish to try, the best thing above all is to communicate. Your partner is the one who can tell you exactly what works for them and whatnot.

For example, if a position seems to be more pleasurable she should be able to tell you. However, you must also understand that women are usually uncomfortable around these topics. So, you may also need to comfort her and make her feel confident in having such conversations.

The Takeaway

On this note, we can conclude that woman orgasm is not a simple science. What may work for some might not work for others. As you may already know, every woman is different and so are their sexual experiences.

So, rather than struggling with her uneasiness, you should try to make her feel happy and improve her experiences. The key to a happy relationship lies in intimacy and clear communication.