5 Tools That Will Change Your Life If You Are Forgetful

5 Tools That Will Change Your Life If You Are Forgetful

This article talks about tools that will change your life if you are forgetful

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Some of us are better than others at remembering details or where we left things, so if you are one of the many who seems to regularly spend time wondering where you left your phone or when you were supposed to meet a friend, technology can help save the day.

Here is a look at some useful tech tools to help banish those forgetful problems. There is a device to track your lost items quickly, plus a Smart Tag that uses motion control for added security, and a way of making sure you don’t forget any important details.

Easy way to get reunited with your keys

There is a long list of regular items that you use every day yet still seem to manage to mislay more often than you would like.

A mad scramble to find your keys when you are running late or that sinking feeling when you discover that your wallet is not where you thought it was, are all common scenarios for plenty of us, but a neat little tracker device called Tile can answer your cries for help.

All you have to do is stick the device onto your keys, wallet or anything else that you seem to lose sight off regularly. The water-resistant gadget can then be called into action using the app, to tell you where it is using a radar-style interface that is reassuringly accurate.

More than just a tracker

There is no question that tracker apps do a good job of helping you find mislaid items of importance but sometimes you need something that offers a bit more of a hi-tech solution.

This is where the Gecko comes into its own. This is a multi-functional smartphone accessory that embraces new technology with features like gesture control and a motion detector.

When you put a Gecko Tag on your valuables, it can be set to alert you when someone tries to move it without your permission or knowledge. This means that it will not only tell you where you left it when you use the tracking option, it also offers you some useful security features.

A good way to remember

Many of us tend to take a phone call where we write down some contact details or a date to put in the diary, only to lose the piece of paper or forget to take down the information at all at the time because we think it will be easy to remember later on.

Apalon Apps offer a good solution that particular problem with their automatic call recorder app.

This app can make sure that you don’t lose the details of a phone call as it can be set to automatically record inbound and outbound calls. All you have to do afterwards is replay the call as many times as you want to remind you of the information that you need from the conversation.

Other useful tools that will make your life a bit easier and more forgiving if you are forgetful, include the Nest app for setting your home temperature controls automatically, and the MyQ Garage Door Controller which shuts the garage door when you forget to do it before driving away.

If you are a forgetful person, life can be a lot easier and less stressful if you take advantage of technology to help you cope with those regularly misplaced item dramas.

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