How to Make Money From Your Clutter

How to Make Money From Your Clutter

Does your home need a good old fashioned clean out? Why not make some extra cash while you declutter with these smart tips?

Could your home use a good old fashioned clear out? January is the perfect month to get on top of those New Year’s resolutions and start as you mean to go on – with a clean and tidy environment for you and your loved ones.

But decluttering isn’t a word which fills many of us with joy. In fact, the idea of a heavy duty sort out is enough to send most of us scurrying to the nearest opportunity for procrastination. That’s why building a “cash incentive” into your clean up is a very smart way to get things done – and no, we’re not talking about bribing the kids to do it for you.

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Instead we’re talking about turning your clutter into cold hard cash! While not everybody’s home contains the kind of clutter which would appear on Cash in the Attic, even the most unpromising of unwanted items could help you earn a surprising amount of money while you get your home looking shipshape – and it’s not difficult to do.

Selling your clutter may seem like adding even more steps to a tedious process, but with the internet at your finger tips, off-loading your clutter is incredibly simple and stress free. Here are a few helpful tips to help you start the decluttering process. Keep reading to discover how to earn money while decluttering your home…

1. Sell on Ebay

Your first port of call when it’s time to sell your unneeded items is, you guessed it, Ebay! The world’s biggest online market place, it’s easy to start selling on the platform. Sellers can list up to 20 items a month for free (further listings will set you back 35p each) and the platform takes a 10% cut of the overall cost (including postage and packaging) when you sell an item. Make sure you factor this in and quote realistically on postage and you’ll be laughing!

2. Sell via social

If you’d rather avoid having to package and post everything – especially if you’re selling something bulky like furniture – you may want to explore social media for opportunities to list your wares. There are many local selling groups to be found on Facebook, while a simple shout out to your friends and followers can also sometimes reveal an interested buyer who can collect their purchase themselves. Other localised services like Gumtree may also be worth exploring.

3. Sell to an “all in one” website

There are a number of services out there which will take big batches of books, videos, computer games, CDs and more, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of selling everything separately. You’ll make less of a profit, but services such as Music Magpie are worth checking out if you’re short on time.

4. Sell in person
Car boot sales are enduringly popular in the UK, although you may want to wait until the spring and summer to really make the best of this uniquely British tradition. Check out Car Boot Junction to find your nearest sales and check out reviews to select one where your unwanted items will get the most interest.

Have you made money from a clear out before? What’s the best profit you’ve made from selling your old clutter? Where is your favourite local car boot? Have your say below.

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