Tips To Minimize Stress While Traveling via Air

Tips To Minimize Stress While Traveling via Air

Flying might be exciting the first time you do it, but for those who take to the skies regularly the experience can be quite stressful too. All of those long security lines, cramped aircraft, long flights and early takeoff and arrival times can quickly get you down, even if you’re supposed to be on vacation. Luckily for you then, we have some tips on how to fly from A to B without stressing your little head out every time.


1. Check in via mobile

One of the best ways to reduce the stress is by avoiding those long check-in queues in departures. This used to be impossible, but these days many airlines offer customers the opportunity to check in by themselves, either by using the airlines’ app, or from a computer where you can also print your own boarding pass, thus saving yourself at least half an hour, if not more, time that you’d otherwise spend waiting in line. Another advantage of this is it means you don’t have to arrive at the airport quite so early.

2. Carry on your luggage

Another great tip is to travel light enough so that you don’t have to check any luggage in. While this isn’t always possible, remember that you can actually buy most things you need at your destination, which means perhaps you don’t need to pack as many shoes, clothes and cosmetics as you usually do.

Try to fit all you need into a small backpack and briefcase which you can carry onto the plane. Most airlines allow up to ten kilograms for hand luggage, which should give you enough space in your bag to carry the essentials. If you do this, you’ll speed up your check-in time (or avoid it altogether), and it also means you can exit the airport as soon as you land, without having to wait at the carousel for your bags. Also, by carrying only hand luggage there’s no chance your bags will go missing!

3. Relax and enjoy

While some busy workers try to use in-flight time as a chance to catch up with their work, doing so often causes you to become even more stressed than you are already. Instead, why not catch up on your work another time and try to relax instead? Take a nap, read a book, play PSP games or watch a movie – all of these things can help you to unwind.

4. Book an airport transfer ahead of time

Once you reach your destination it’s usually a mad scramble to get past all the touts and try to grab a cab to wherever it is you need to go. This can be extremely stressful during busy times, and if you’re landing in a new city it’s sometimes impossible to avoid getting ripped off. But that won’t happen if you book an airport transfer ahead of time. Try downloading a taxi cab app or, even better, treat yourself to an airport pickup service such as Blacklane that specializes in transferring passengers from airports to wherever they need to go in the utmost comfort.