4 Perfect Places to Visit on a Family Holiday

4 Perfect Places to Visit on a Family Holiday

Cyprus is one of several Perfect Places to Visit on a Family Holiday ... photo by CC user Paphoshotelbeach via wikimedia commons

Finding the perfect place for the whole family to visit can be tricky because everyone has different ideas about what they want to do. These four places offer a great blend of educational experiences, fun things for kids to do, and plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories for the whole family.


Spend your family holiday on one of the many beautiful beaches on your luxury summer holiday in Cyprus. Travel to Aiya Naipa and stay at Nissi Beach, one of the top ten beaches in the world. There are plenty of water sports available or just relax on the beautiful white sand. You can also visit Waterworld, a huge water park that the family can spend the day at. Head to Limassol and enjoy the Limassol Coastal Walk. It is a great place for a family stroll and you will see a castle, the archeological site of Ancient Amathus, beautiful gardens, and beaches. There are vendors selling food, and souvenirs as well as street performers to entertain you along the entire stretch. Science has proven that Cyprus is the oldest producer of wine in the world so be sure to try out some of the local wine and sample the wonderful seafood.


Spain is an enchanting Mediterranean country and there are plenty of things to do together as a family. Madrid is the capital city and it is a great place to start your journey through Spain. Be sure to check out Plaza Mayor, The Royal Palace, and stroll through Buen Retiro Park, where you will see beautiful fountains. Take a trip to Barcelona and see the Picasso Museum for some of Picasso’s best work. Wander around and take in the splendour of Anotni Gaudi’s magnificent architecture. Spend a day relaxing at Barcelona beach, voted one of the top ten city beaches in the world. Finish your day by dining on Paella with fresh seafood and a great glass of locally made wine. Andalucia is a great region for a round of golf, with many challenging courses and it offers up great beaches as well.


India is an adventure for people of all ages. The country has five thousand years of history and it is a fascinating blend of old and new. Start out in Delhi, the capital city, and explore the many sights of this vibrant city. Stop by the Lotus Temple, a stunning marvel of modern architecture and spend a day wandering around The Red Fort. Take an overnight bus trip to Agra and visit Taj Mahal, India’s most iconic tourist attraction. There are so many things to experience in India. You can volunteer in villages to help teach English to children, visit an ashram and study meditation and yoga, or explore temples, mosques, and churches. If you are looking to relax at the end of your journey, Goa is a great place for a beach vacation. India is known for its spices and each region has different styles of food. Be sure to sample the local food and ask around for where to get the best food. The government is currently investing a lot of money into developing and promoting tourism, so now is a great time to embark on your luxury Indian holiday adventure!


The USA is the third largest country in the world and it offers many things for families to do. It is a great place to rent a car and the highway system is fantastic. Start on the west coast in California and head to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Death Valley, and Carmel. Head down to Las Vegas and do some shopping on the Strip. The Hoover Dam is a 45-minute drive from the strip and it sits on the Nevada Arizona border. From here you can check out the Grand Canyon in all its splendour before heading off to explore the rest of the country. You could also consider renting a campervan to explore the vast open spaces of the US. There are plenty of hookups that provide water, electricity, and cable across the country. With GPS navigation you can find anything that you want to explore in the 3680 km from California to Florida on the east coast.