Making a Statement: 10 Steps Towards Expressing Your Unique Individuality Through the Way You Dress

Making a Statement: 10 Steps Towards Expressing Your Unique Individuality Through the Way You Dress

Your personality is not just about how you speak and interact with other people, you can also tell people what sort of person you are by the clothes you are wearing.

Some of us are renowned for our great fashion sense and others are not viewed with such a complimentary outlook by others because of what we are wearing.

The fundamental point about dress sense and style is that it goes a long way to telling others who you really are and the clothes you wear are a great way to display your individuality.

Here is a look at how different types of clothing can reveal your personality.

Like to be on trend?

It is not difficult to spot a trendsetter as they will often be wearing bright colors such as vibrant orange, yellow, and red.

If you want to be seen by others as a friendly and outgoing person with a positive attitude wearing bright colors will be a great way of saying to others that you are happy to make a fashion statement.

The classic look

What does a classic fashion look of black and greys say about you?

If you happen to be someone who favors wearing black and grey clothing it will often also follow that you are serious about your grooming and like to have a smart appearance.

The sort of personality traits that are associated with wearing shades of grey and black, or even classic navy blue, will be indicative of a person who has a sharp mind and seems to have got their life nicely organized.

Getting your message across

Do you love wearing a tee shirt that has a slogan emblazoned across the front?

If you do, then it is highly likely that you have the sort of personality that likes to voice an opinion about certain things.

Slogan tee shirts are a popular way of drawing attention to yourself and highlighting something that you are passionate about or showing people that you have a sense of humor if you opt for a design and slogan that is aimed at raising a smile.

Colors say a lot about you

You might have a wardrobe full of clothes that offer you a choice of a variety of colors every time you get dressed but it is likely that you have a color that is a particular favorite.

Black, for instance, is a color that has long been associated with professionalism and power in the workplace. People who wear black clothing can often be ambitious and confident.

Wearing a lot of browns could reveal that you have a slightly conservative outlook on life and view reliability as a strong personality trait.

There is a lot of psychology attached to color and your favorite color will most likely reveal what sort of person you are.

Love your labels

Designer labels are a magnet to some of us and if you are someone who loves a label and wants to wear them with pride it is a way of showing others that you have status and wealth.

It can often be the case that if you are drawn to expensive labels you will be someone who is highly conscious of their self-image.

Attention to detail

Small details and accessories can make a big difference in helping you to express your individuality.

It might be that you are a bit of a dab hand with the sewing needle and like to choose from a variety of button templates to personalize your clothes, or you could choose to add another personal touch that says something about you such as an item of jewelry that is a bit of a talking point.

Attention to detail and personal touches definitely matter and can reveal a lot about you.

Keeping it loose

Some of us hate the idea of wearing something that is too tight and revealing and would much prefer to wear loose clothing.

Someone who has a more conservative outlook on life and doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves might prefer to wear loose-fitting clothes.


Abstract prints are always going to draw attention and if you like to wear bold designs that are hard to ignore it could be a good way of revealing that you are someone who likes to express their sense of individuality.

Wearing abstract designs is a great way of confirming how creative and expressive you are as a person.

Like to wear white?

Going back to color, it is worth picking out white as a significant color to talk about as there are so many things attached to wearing this shade.

White is always symbolic of freedom and purity and importantly for some, it is a neutral color that has a universal appeal.

This means that you will find a variety of different personality types will wear white and its neutrality is seen as a positive aspect. It can also be a color that attracts people who tend to be very organized and neat in their life.

Expressing yourself through fashion

Whatever color and style of clothing you prefer the main thing to remember is that what you wear is a great way of expressing yourself to others.

It pays to always dress for yourself rather than others and consider each day as an opportunity to reflect your personality through your style choices.

Aim to dress in what makes you feel good and embrace the concept of revealing what sort of person you are on the inside by what you are wearing on the outside.

It is easy to make a statement about yourself through your fashion choices and it can often be the case that if you follow your intuition and natural sense of style you will enjoy a boost to your confidence and enjoy a high level of self-awareness.

Next time you open the wardrobe, ask yourself what sort of statement you want to make when you walk out the door and start your day.