The Woman’s Guide to Having a Strong Orgasm

The Woman’s Guide to Having a Strong Orgasm

Women love sex. But what women often struggle with during sex is achieving a strong orgasm.

Have you ever wondered how to orgasm harder? Do you want to achieve the full pleasure of the sexual experience?

This article will teach you what you need to do to maximize your sexual pleasure and experience a strong orgasm.

How to Experience a Strong Orgasm

Even if you are having a great sexual experience, it can be a struggle to achieve an orgasm. You are not alone. Many women do not experience orgasms as often as they would like.

Here is what you can do to make sure you experience a strong orgasm during your next sexual experience:

1. Breathing

We get caught up in the moment and forget to concentrate on our breathing during sex. But while you are having sex, if you focus on a consistent breathing pattern, you will work towards an orgasm.

Take short-deep breaths before taking longer-deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and breathe loudly. Don’t feel shy to moan while breathing.

2. Touch

Vaginal sexual intercourse is not the only way to achieve a strong orgasm. Simply having your partner touch your pleasure points can help you reach an orgasm. Touch yourself and discover what your pleasure points are.

Where do you have to be touched to reach the ultimate arousal? Do you like having your breasts squeezed? Or your butt spanked? Do you like a gentle touch or something rougher?

Experiment on yourself and communicate your pleasure points to your partner.

3. Toys

Do not be afraid to play with toys. Sex toys are a great way to spice up things in the bedroom. Toys such as a vibrator can greatly enhance sexual pleasure.

You can also try an array of sex toys to see which suit your needs best. Often, women can have a greater dependence on sex toys as they age.

Research the different types of sex toys and how they work to enhance pleasure. Experiment with them and ask your partner to use them to help you reach an orgasm.

4. Aphrodisiac

An aphrodisiac is a great way to increase arousal. For women, chocolate is often an aphrodisiac. You may even find a tonic that does the trick.

There is also the famous kitty kat pill that has been designed for women to increase their sexual performance and enhance pleasure during sex.

5. Masturbate

This follows up with discovering your pleasure points mentioned in our second point. Make masturbation a regular habit.

If you spend fifteen minutes per day on pleasuring yourself, you will further understand your body and what it responds to.

When masturbating, do not be stressed about reaching an orgasm. This is the time to also experiment with toys and aphrodisiacs. This is the time to pleasure yourself and build your stamina.

Masturbation is a great practice before engaging in sexual congress. Take care and give importance to pleasuring yourself while you masturbate.

Experience an Orgasm

Now that you know the tips to experience a strong orgasm, it is time to put them into practice. If you practice these tips, you’re sure to experience an orgasm whenever you’re having sex next.

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