Summer fashion accessories

Summer fashion accessories

The summer waits for no one. Ready or not, the warmer weather will arrive on time (or, granted, sometimes a little late) and if your wardrobe isn’t ready to stand the heat, you’ll be caught out, usually in completely inappropriate baking hot jeans and hoodies. Of course, your fashion choices are your own. The important thing is to feel comfortable. I for one, however, prefer a much more airy look during the warmer months. Give me shorts. Give me t-shirts. Give me baseball caps and sunglasses. And most of all, give me a look that says “this was planned” and not “this is what I found in the back of the drawer when I realised it was a hot day and I had to find something to wear in a hurry”. The easiest and fastest way to look stylish throughout the summer months is accessorise your simple short and t-shirt with flecks of colour and style. Let’s find out how.

Updating your glasses

Glasses sit on our faces and announce our sense of style on our behalf. How? Because people look at your eyes first. With glasses framing their view of you, there is an opportunity to help create the look and persona of your choice simply through your selection of glasses. Hip and bold red glasses may not have previously featured near to the top of your must-have list of summertime fashion accessories, but that is about to change. Red is the colour of passion, of love, of energy, and even of danger. There’s no better time to accent your look with a flash of red than in the summer. Red works well with brunettes. Red works well with blondes. Red even works well with natural redheads – I know what you’re thinking, red glasses with red hair could be overkill, right? But no. Let’s call it “working with your natural gifts”. You could choose a more obvious black or dark brown frame, but this is the year to let your hair down and let red into your life.

Caps aren’t for everyone

Baseball caps divide opinion. Even if you’re a fan, there’s a debate between straight peaks and curved peaks. Whatever your stance on baseball caps, you probably nevertheless have a penchant for headwear (because most of us do!). An easy all-terrain alternative to the humble cap is the equally humble straw fedora. The straw fedora offers a distinct summer look that sells itself.