The Importance of Getting Rest

The Importance of Getting Rest

You Can’t Go Forever

Life doesn’t ever seem to stop. From work to your relationship with your spouse, to getting the kids to school, to getting them between varying after school activities, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of “you” time, does there? Well, that’s because there isn’t.

This whole “me time” revolution is just a way of increasing the stress in your life by putting a Pavlovian goal in front of you that can only seldom be met. When you’re always striving for a few hours to yourself every day, you will never get them. And when you do, they won’t go how you planned.

The best way to really enjoy relaxation isn’t to look at leisure as “me time”. A better approach is to plan out your recharging—it’s not “you” time, it’s just “recharging” time. You’ve got 365 days. Of those, there are at least three weeks worth of holiday breaks that you can take advantage of at your job.

Additionally, you likely have paid time off, or at the very least days that you’re allowed to be absent without recrimination.


Strategize, and be sure to get a vacation as regularly as possible. Look, American life is unhealthy in that it makes vacations a secondary aspect of living. Life isn’t about treading water in a daily grind—be it a grind at the office, or a grind at home taking care of the household. Life is about growing, learning, and experiencing regular joy and creativity.

Lessons From Across The Pond

Did you know that in Europe, people don’t live to work, they work to live? Vacationing is kind of a lifestyle choice over there, and it’s something employers are onboard with in the same way that employees are.

When you know that your grind is only for a month or two, and then you get a few weeks to just relax, it makes the grind less difficult. You can put more of yourself into it because you don’t have this “I haven’t had time off in three months!” track playing in your head. When you don’t take time off, it can be physically and mentally devastating.


In France, right before the Napoleonic revolution, there was another kind of revolution wherein the populace tried to change the week from a seven day period of time, to a ten day period of time. It didn’t work because the human body is hardwired for a seven day week. We need a day off every six or so. If you skip that, it messes with you. France couldn’t keep this utopian ideal together. No country can.

Finding New Places To Travel

One of the best ways to enjoy your time off is through travel. There are quite a few tourist and vacation destinations which offer exceptional amenities that go largely unexplored by the public. Then there are some which are well-known, but often missed. One of those is Ocean City.

According to, hotels in Ocean City, MD “offer a variety of accommodations… spacious two room suites with fully equipped kitchenettes directly overlooking the beautiful Atlantic…”

There are quite a few hotels throughout the area, and they’re designed to match any budget. From the young family with scant resources to the older community bastion with disposable income, there are hotel options in Ocean City, and exceptional sites to see.

Take Some Days of Rest!

Ocean City is just one of many locations throughout the country that are worth exploring. Which ones you choose to see are entirely up to you. What’s important is that you find time to relax, and unwind. Refraining from doing this is hazardous to your health.

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