5 Cafes You Should Definitely Visit in Vanuatu

5 Cafes You Should Definitely Visit in Vanuatu


Photo by CC user Roderick Eime on Flickr.

Traveling has become one of the biggest trends of 2016. Not that globetrotters have been jumping from one continent to another, but more and more people have been packing bags and heading out for new adventures. Some have already crossed out places on their lists of must-visit destinations. Most people have travel goals in mind; for instance a shopping travel means going from one outlet to another to splurge on various items. However, some have started a cafe crawl, and unsurprisingly, it is one of the most popular things to do on a travel.

If you have been doing the cafe crawl, you should know where you need to go next – a place that has untouched tropical beauty: Vanuatu. It is an island at the South Pacific Ocean and it offers some of the best coffees and treats you will ever find. Booking flights to Vanuatu allows you to not just indulge in the most picturesque surroundings, but also to enjoy the best java in town.

Here are the top cafes you need to look out for on your trip to Vanuatu.

Au Peche Mignon

Feeling French-y today? Get a taste of what remained of the French influence in Au Peche Mignon. Also, make sure you taste famous French pastries that will definitely go well with a cup of tea mixed with milk and honey. Do not miss out on crepes and coffee every Wednesday morning. If you ever want to feel like you are at a French roadside cafe, Au Peche Mignon is the place to be.

Jill’s Cafe

From getting French cafe mornings, you can now go to experience an American cafe dining at Jill’s Cafe. It has become an institution in Vanuatu, serving up cups of coffee and fresh food offerings for 15 years. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining so you can choose whether you want to go al fresco while chomping desserts, or the intimacy of an indoor seating while sipping your hot cups of joe.

Nambawan Cafe

Located just at the coast, Nambawan Cafe is the perfect place to sip a hot mug while watching boats pass by. Try their Tanna coffee and toasted panini and see if that does not echo a fine time looking out to the ocean for a midday snack.

Le Cafe du Village

Le Cafe du Village overlooks the Iririki Island offering patrons a sublime view. A fusion of French and Mediterranean dishes are served in Le Cafe du Village, prepared with the freshest local produce. Imagine staying here for a late afternoon coffee drink at dusk, that view of the island with the sun setting at the background must be phenomenal.

Cafe Vila

Cafe Vila Restaurant and Bar is a new addition to the string of restaurants in Vanuatu, having opened after Christmas of 2014. If you are looking for a laid back, casual setting, then you should definitely come visit this place. They offer four dining options: Cafe Terrace that comes with a view, the Main Restaurant that has an airy and comfortable vibe to it, the Garden Terrace that overlooks the garden grounds, and the Bar which is a perfect place to meet new people.

The South Pacific Ocean is definitely the best place to visit after going to big cities. It offers an experience that is unique only to this island. Pretty sure you have not been to a more exclusive and charming place like the oceanic island of Vanuatu.