Sus Behaviour: 5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Something From You

Sus Behaviour: 5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Something From You

Around 50% of US marriages end in divorce.

One of the main factors that lead to divorce is dishonesty; once trust is broken, it’s nearly impossible to get back. But, what are the signs your spouse is hiding something from you?

It’s not always easy to spot a spouse with a secret, but if you can be on the lookout, you can save yourself heartbreak down the line. Knowing the signs can help you have a conversation early before they get too drawn into their secret.

Read on to learn the five most sus signs that they’ve got a secret.

1. They Avoid Meaningful Conversation

One of the leading indicators of secret-keeping is the need to keep the conversation light.

If you’ve ever found yourself hiding things from your spouse, you’ll remember it’s much easier to laugh and joke around rather than getting into a conversation about the big issues.

2. They Project Insecurities Onto You

If your spouse has seemingly random outbursts that don’t make sense to you, they might be projecting their own guilt onto you.

A classic example is when a spouse continuously accuses the other of cheating when it’s actually them having an affair.

3. They Won’t Talk About Money

Regardless of who handles the finances, it should always be an open conversation. If you notice your spouse hiding assets or financial statements, you need to find out why.

It may be a simple explanation like they were buying you a present, or it could be something more sinister like a gambling addiction. Hiding money from a spouse is one of the main things that happens before a divorce.

If you’re thinking about separating from your husband, ensure you get your finances in order first.

4. They’re Protective of Their Phone

Hiding texts from a spouse is never a good sign. If your spouse won’t leave you alone in a room with their phone, it’s a surefire way of knowing there is a secret.

However, it may be more innocent than you think, so carefully weigh up your options before accusing them of cheating. Remember that going through their phone will break their trust; sometimes, an honest conversation is a better approach.

5. Your Sex Life Has Changed

Finally, the main way to know that something is different in your relationship is the state of your sex life. Of course, there are many reasons for changes in the bedroom, not all including secrets.

However, if something has changed dramatically and you don’t know why, consider the idea that they may have guilt around sex, and you might be competing for their attention.

Check for These Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Something From You

These five signs your spouse is hiding something from you may help you save your marriage or decide it’s time to separate.

If your spouse has any of these behaviors, it’s time to sit down and look at the facts. Having an honest conversation could be the difference between resolution and divorce.

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