Ongredients: The Soft, Toy-like Cleansing Ball for Delicate Skin

Ongredients: The Soft, Toy-like Cleansing Ball for Delicate Skin

The newest cleanser making a splash on Kickstarter is Ongredients. This full-body cleanser has a form factor that kids will love, and cleansing power that’s great for parents, too.

Does your kid hate baths? If you answered “Yes,” you are not alone. Bathing your little one is a common parenting challenge that we all face.

Most of the time, toddlers hate bathing because they are afraid of the water, or because they’re scared and in an unfamiliar environment. Fear of bathing is a common phobia for children from ages 1-2.

To make bathing with your kids easier, many parents use toys in the bathtub to divert your child’s attention, letting them perceive baths as playtime. However, when choosing a bath toy for our children, many parents are concerned whether the product is safe for their child.

That’s why we recommend the product “Ongredients” on Kickstarter. Ongredients is a cleansing ball with a soft, bouncy texture. But unlike other soaps, this product won’t go slipping and flying out of your hands.

Furthermore, Ongredients is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certified vegan, so it uses no animal-based ingredients. In fact, the product primarily uses all-natural aloe, rose, and algae extracts. The product’s scent too, is taken from lavender extract, making it a perfect eco-friendly vegan product that’s suitable for the delicate skin of toddlers.

Also, most soap products carry the disadvantage of breaking down the skin barrier due to their strong alkalinity. Ongredients, on the other hand, has a PH value between 5 and 6, which is close to the average pH of human skin. This helps protect your child’s skin barrier while bathing. This means that the product is not only great for kids, but great for parents, too.

Ongredients is a mutli-purpose bathing tool. It can be used for shampooing, face wash and bodywash, allowing you to save significant time in the shower. In other words, the time spent in the shower or bathtub for both you and your child is significantly reduced with the brilliance of Ongredients.

Ongredients is also a 100% zero waste product. The cleansing ball comes with no plastic containers, so you won’t have to worry about polluting the environment. As you use Ongredients, it gradually shrinks, leaving nothing behind that you’ll need to throw out. Also, the suds pouch provided with the cleansing ball is made of plant fiber, making it truly biodegradable.

Help keep the earth clean AND keep your little ones clean with “Ongredients,” available now on Kickstarter.