How to Encourage Your Child to Be a Medical Doctor

How to Encourage Your Child to Be a Medical Doctor

Doctors: They were essential then; they’re essential now. Imagine a world without them. Though many have thrown flak at the medical profession, we’d certainly be in a dark place without these frontliners. If our hospitals are already filled to the brim with COVID-19 patients with doctors around, how much more will we suffer without their services. No one would help you get back on your feet when you get sick. And what may have been a treatable disease could worsen and claim more lives.

This is why encouraging your son or daughter to become a doctor is spot on. For one, America could use more doctors, right with just about a million of them circulating. But you could be fighting an uphill battle drawing interest from your child to become a medical doctor, especially now that some of the best have fallen to the virus.

Thus, emphasizing that doctors are the heroes of the day is wise. When an infectious disease such as the COVID-19 virus is large, physicians and other health professionals save lives. Indeed, a medical doctor is one of the noblest professions today. Here are concrete steps to encourage your child to become one.

Start Them Young

You must influence your child’s rights. Forcing your child to become a doctor is counterintuitive. It only makes themhate the profession, not to mention hate you. It’s like forcing your child to play sports if their interests are in the arts.

A good way to do this is to cultivate theirdesire. And we can take a page from the Medical Schools Council in the U.K., a group representing all of the medical schools in Great Britain. The council recommended that children should start medical school at the age of 7.

What the council meant is children should be aware of the medical profession at a young age. This translates to having medical doctors visit primary schools. Aside from these campus tours, there should be workshops and demonstrations. There, children could take part in fun activities spearheaded by medical students.

And it’s a brilliant decision. For your part, you can have a doctor friend drop by. Or someone you know who’s a medical student. They can have meaningful conversations with your children about their journey to this profession. From pointing them in the right direction for How to prepare for the UCAT to looking for medical schools and learning about the satisfaction they have from helping people from all walks of life could persuade them to take this road for themselves in the future. When your child sees positive things, chances are they’re going to emulate them.

Encourage a Medical Character

Indeed, many medical schools are not accepting classroom classes these days. The good news is the internet has filled up the void.

For instance, there a slew of American universities that allow you to study medicine online. You can even choose other degrees in healthcare. Additionally, you can also avail of online Ph.D. programs that allow you to earn a doctorate in courses other than medicine. With the crisis going on, distance learning is really the way to go.

And yet, even with all ease offered by the internet, becoming a medical doctor is a tall order. Doctors must have an above-ordinary set of characteristics to deliver even when under duress. We’re talking about resilience, determination, and compassion. Added to that, a medical doctor must be diligent. It’s definitely a lifelong learning process.

It’s normal for parents to encourage children to develop such wonderful traits. If you want your child to become a doctor, however, you should go the extra mile to help your child develop them.

You can start by keeping your child as organized as possible. Giving them a planner and helping themkeep the commitments he places therein is a good start.

Additionally, helping your child attain greater EQ or Emotional Intelligence can go a long way in thembecoming a medical doctor. Above and beyond, medical professionals are trained to provide care. Therefore, having a big heart is a requirement for one to deliver on the job.

On the other end of the spectrum, having pets can be a great way to get things going. When a child takes care of one, they grow mindful of the needs of others. Study shows children who have pets, be it a cat or a dog or an iguana, do better in life. And more than IQ or intelligence, EQ is the one factor that determines academic success early in life.

Make Them a Well-rounded Person

Lastly, don’t just put your focus on medicine. That would be shortsighted of you. While academic excellence is vital in getting into medicine, a well-rounded individual would fare better. Why? Simply because it allows themto develop in full as a person.

Medical school isn’t for the weak of hearts. It’s a long journey filled with stress and challenges. When you allow your child to cater to theirpassion, be it sports or arts or music, you give theman outlet to help thembetter cope when the time comes.

That way, your child becomes a better candidate to take the journey. And win with greater chances.