7 Unhealthy and Mindless Work Habits that Will Make You Go down the Hill

7 Unhealthy and Mindless Work Habits that Will Make You Go down the Hill

Allowing Mindless Work Habits to take root can stress you out

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We all pick a number of habits during our daily and professional lives, and not all of them are healthy. Following good habits improves performance and helps to organize the work process better, while bad habits may hamper work progress and bring you down. To help you avoid the work hurdles, Your Writers experts have prepared the list of bad habits to combat. Observe your work routines and change these habits to healthy ones so that you don’t go down the hill in your personal and professional life.

  1. Drinking a lot of coffee

You should not drink more than four cups of coffee a day; otherwise, you would become addicted to gaining a certain amount of caffeine. Once you are addicted, you can suffer severe headaches and anxiety if you drink coffee below the limit. Headaches and anxiety are not good for your health and you won’t be able to perform 100%. To struggle with this unhealthy habit, replace coffee with plain drinking water. Though it may be not easy, do what is good for your health; drinking at least 2 liters of water every day will soon be reflected in a much better state of health, better productivity, higher alertness, and better concentration.

  1. Not prioritizing your tasks

If you are unable to prioritize your tasks, you will eventually suffer a lot professionally. Don’t make working in an unorganized way a habit! Try to handle one task at a time and make a list of the tasks according to their importance. Try to focus on the most important task and then move on to other tasks only after completing those higher in priority.

  1. Unorganized desk

Try to keep your desk organized: the mess on your table is going to distract you because of having a lot of unrelated stuff on your desk. You need to sort the mess out and keep only important things on your working desk. This will help in work concentration immensely and will enable you to handle the important tasks properly.

  1. Not taking breaks

You need to take healthy breaks because the timespan of human attention is limited. You won’t be able to focus on a task for longer than you are physically able to, so take breaks during your work in order to perform more efficiently. However, use the time for rest wisely – do not engage in office gossip or smoking outside; spend the time on physical and mental relaxation to accumulate vitality for further productive work.

  1. Not saying “No”

Try to acknowledge your limits; most of us don’t try to say “no” and try to complete each and every request. Let’s face the truth: sometimes you really need a break. Confess to yourself that you cannot fulfill each and every request made by somebody else; try to give yourself the utmost priority.

  1. Skipping the gym

Exercise is really necessary for a healthy body and a healthy mind. It improves your state of mind so even if you are really tired, you must not skip the gym. Sitting in the office all day long, you put your health and physical fitness under pressure, so prioritize sports to keep the mind and body fit. Skipping the gym to spend a couple extra hours at work is the unhealthiest habit one can imagine!

  1. Incorrect posture

The majority of people working in offices and at computers have problems with their back and spine – this happens because of incorrect posture. Try to sit straight, not crossing your legs, and not leaning on the table. Only by observing your posture and keeping it correct, you will avoid grave problems with your musculoskeletal system office workers often develop.