Mansions, Mausoleums and Monuments: Modern Ghosthunting Apps for Safer Team Investigations

Mansions, Mausoleums and Monuments: Modern Ghosthunting Apps for Safer Team Investigations

scary-mansionFor those of you out in there searching for ghosts in the scariest of places, you’ll need some extra technology at your side. Deep in the depths of abandoned mansions, creepy mausoleums and monuments of those that have past may lay a ghost around the corner. These select group of apps are going to be your go to tools in the digital era to bringing some more investigate prowess to your ghostly pursuits.

Ghost Tracking

Out there in the other realm are wards of psychosis and creepy crawlers beneath the floorboards. In order for you to find these spirits around the other realm you’ll need to carry with you some good apps in your phone to catch these things and do with them what you will.

Our first application is called Ghost Hunter. It is supposedly one of the most advanced paranormal tools to look throughout the known and unknown universes. It comes with an EMF instrument that will measure magnetic flares around you to see if there is anything around you. Along with it comes a Transforming visualizer that will analyze audio signals and any other types of noises that may have paranormal origin. On top of this it comes with a Geoscope that you can use to check out if anything is popping up around the area.

Something that is going to come in handy while ghost hunting and on your normal everyday life is an Android weather app. This app is going to let you know if there is going to be some storms that might unearth some scary tombs of some sort. You’ll want to know the temperature as some of the places you may be visiting could get cold or pretty hot, depending on what type of ghost hunter you are, either a day or night type of person.

Additional Tools

Every good ghost hunter needs Ghost Radar, and that is exactly what this app does. It is a straightforward app that has a simple design that will detect any type of activity around you. It is able to function through looking through a variety of data. The application can take types of functions and translate it so that you’ll be able to read it in your own mortal language.

Finally we have quite the tool for those needing to take better track of their ghastly friends or foes they may come across. Photographer’s Ephemeris is an application that is an extremely functional and helpful tool. It tracks the sun and moon over the earth. This can call for some astrological forces to assist you with your pursuits.

It’s a great time to know when you’ll be heading into the best sunrise or sundown and the ability to take some stellar pictures if you need to. All of these applications together will help you become a modern digital age ghost hunter. There will be no worry of getting stranded or not knowing how to best track some ghosts.

This post was written by James Hargreaves, a dad who enjoys taking his teenage kids, ghosthunting. James enjoys sharing his ideas and hobbies online.