How to Use Tech for Efficient Time Management as a Housewife

How to Use Tech for Efficient Time Management as a Housewife

time-managementAs a housewife and a career woman, your duties range from taking care of the house and children, being involved in your kids’ academic progress and efficiently managing your family needs within a budget just to mention a few.

To top it up, the society still expects you to have a presentable appearance while running your career. The reality is that you have a duty to provide a healthy and relaxing environment for your family at the end of the day and still have time to rejuvenate yourself and be in charge of your career.

So how can you use technology to manage your time efficiently?

Online calendars

With a daily multitude of tasks and activities waiting to be tackled you are bound to forget some of them. However, with the easy accessibility of the online calendars, you can plan ahead by adding and viewing them in their respective categories be it daily, weekly or monthly activities.

This enables you to tackle your tasks within the specified time efficiently. It also allows you to keep up with your family’s needs by creating and sharing multiple calendars with other family members. Furthermore, it ensures that the data stored in them is never lost.


This is a web-based application that provides you the ability to take, organize and archive your notes that range from photographs, voice memos, file attachments and handwritten ink notes depending on your wants and needs.

Through this application, you are better organized thereby saving time because you will have detailed each task and what is needed in each and every one of them. You are also able to avoid multitasking that often leads to time wastage and a poor quality of tasks that you tackle.


Juggling a career and housewife duties can be tasking, and if you are not well organized, you will be facing a myriad of issues that can be problematic to solve at the end of the day.

As a career woman, you can adopt the use of the online time tracking from trusted sites like this 10 year old time tracking website that keeps tabs of your timesheets and payrolls. This ensures that you save money and time that will have been wasted when manually keeping track of your employees. In the end, you will get a chance to focus on growing your company and family.

 Technical delegation

As a homemaker and a career woman, there’s only so much that you can do.  With the advancements in tech, you are provided with the opportunity to provide and take care of your family needs, purchase and keep a tab of all the necessary items needed such as groceries all within the detailed budget. When you need to plan for special purchases such as camp tuition for your daughter or order a custom bridesmaid dress from Azazie for your sister’s wedding, you can easily adjust your budget.

Instead of going to the stores to buy these items, you can delegate the process to the various applications available with the click of a button such as Amazon that enables you to shop all your needs in the comfort of your home.

Spender tracker apps such as BillQuard and Fudget enable you to see how you spend so you can budget efficiently.  Lastly, you can utilize grocery apps like Ibotta and Favado which allow you to know where to purchase the cheapest groceries near you. All these enable you to have more time to perform other duties and ultimately have enough relaxing time.

Through the use of tech, you are in a position to effectively manage your time thereby ensuring that you can meet each of your family member’s needs and create a perfect living for them. It creates a thriving environment which enables you to grow and maintain a healthy relationship with your family and career since you develop a sense of time ownership.

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