Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

When we talk about love and dating we often picture young couples walking hand-in-hand towards the road of happiness. In fact most of the movies we seen also depict love as something that happens to young and healthy couples; but the truth is that love is universal and I crosses all ages. It is a fact that a lot of people in their later years remain single and this can be due to many factors and events. Whether we have lost that person or whether we have never found the right companion; we all deserve to find love disregarding our age.


The world has changed

It is true that things are not the same anymore; and values have changed. The traditional methods of dating have subsided in the favour of more technological based ones; and this can make it hard for those of us who are not so switched on with computers and the likes of them. Today it looks like everybody has a smartphone and they spend all their time watching that little screen; often to the deterrent of good manners. What happened to the days of just talking to people face-to-face; is that a thing of the past?

Dating has changed too

When we look at how people meet these days, we can see that a lot of it happens online; and it can be quite intimidating. However all is not lost; and there are places where mature singles can still look at to find companionship. For example you can try over 60 dating by using mature dating websites who specialise in people in their later years. Those websites are good to use because you can meet like-minded people of your age who can understand you better. Also it is quite convenient to be able to contact people from a computer in your house rather than having to go out and meet with total strangers. At least with online dating you can message people and take your time to know them before you decide that you trust them enough to go out on a date. The only thing is that computers can be a bit of an unknown zone for some of us; so how do we overcome that caveat?

Computer literacy

In order to do online dating you need to know how to use a computer on a basic level; which will still be a lot to learn of you’ve never ventured towards that direction. The best thing to do is to ask younger members of our family to give us a hand. Sure we all have our pride and we don’t want others to be involved in our love life; especially not our children; but they don’t need to know all the details of what we are doing. There are also state sponsored courses which are often free and which can help us get online; and often the best place to look for those is to go to our town hall and local library and enquire about it.

A tough learning curve?

Learning about anything we don’t know is tough; especially at the beginning. But if you think about all the things you’ve learned; you know that you’ve got to start somewhere. Things are hard in the early stages and you will get frustrated; but eventually things get easier as time goes along. Before you even know it you’ll end up being quite comfortable with how to use those electronic machines. Trust us when we say: computers are way easier to use than they ever where in the past; they are designed to be more user-friendly specifically so that people all ages can have a chance at using them. You don’t need to be a science buff or an electronic genius; just think about it like using a phone; a fax machine or a photocopier. You don’t need to know what all the buttons do; only just enough to get what you want from that machine.